5 Fun Axe Throwing Games

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Let’s Get Competitive!

You’ve gotten the hang of axe throwing, and now it’s time to up your game.

The Adventure Park offers Outdoor Axe Throwing at our two Connecticut locations and our Nashville Park.  Click the link below to learn more and book your lane:


Here are five games to make your axe throwing experience even more axe-citing!


  • Each player must hit all predetermined numbers on the board 3 times, putting up 1 mark each time a number is hit.
  • Once a player has hit a number 3 times, that number is “closed out,” and is then available for scoring (if playing for points).
  • Once both players close out a number, the number is “dead” and will do nothing for either player that hits it for the rest of the game.


Around the World

  • Each player must hit every number on the board from low to high, in order, and then again in reverse, in reverse order.
  • In other words, each player must hit a 1, 2, 3, 4, B, 4, 3, 2, 1, K.
  • First player to complete the loop wins.


Humans vs. Zombies

  • Similar to Cornhole, Humans vs Zombies is played via the difference in scores between throwers.
  • The objective for the human player is to reach +15 points and the zombies want to reach -15 points.
  • The humans always generate points in the positive direction and zombies in the negative direction (ex. Humans hit 3, Zombies hit 6, the difference is 3 in the negative direction and the zombies now have -3 points).



  • Players from competing teams throw head to head.
  • The lower cumulative score total receives a letter.
  • The first player to have HORSE spelled out loses.
  • Ties result in 1 additional overtime throw.
  • If the score is still tied after overtime, no letters are awarded, and the next 2 throwers step up.



  • Players start at 0 points and play to 50.
  • The landmine numbers are set along the way at 10, 20, 30, 40,You can change these numbers but make sure they all have the same final digit. (ex. 15, 25, 35, 45).
  • Landing on a landmine sends the thrower’s player back by 10 points from the number they started at (ex. Starting at 23 and hitting a landmine sends the player to 13).
  • Landmines are common to both players. Once a landmine is hit, it is safe to hit for the rest of the game (like real landmines, they can only blow up once!).


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