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Meet the Park Manager: Laura Morgan

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At The Adventure Park, We have the best team in the industry…maybe on the planet!  Here we get to know Laura Morgan, our Park Manager for The Adventure Park at Long Island.

What I love most about working at The Adventure Park:I would have to say the best part of my job is my team. I love to watch Monitors, Hosts and Supervisors – who are often young adults – in their element.  I am always impressed at how well they are able to handle a great deal of responsibility. They are responsible for the safety and comfort of every one of our guests, and I depend on their ability to effectively interact with all different types of people.

This job requires them to develop their personal communication styles, etiquette and to make mature decisions both independently and as part of a team. It’s amazing to witness their teamwork, leadership skills and self confidence and to be able to participate in it.


My Background:  Most recently, I was a Client Relationship Manager with GM Advisory Group (GMAG), a wealth management firm. During my six-year tenure within the financial services industry, my contributions centered on managing and delivering an exceptional client service experience that served the unique demands of high-net-worth individuals. Prior to joining GMAG in 2012, I was an Operations Coordinator at Resources Global Professionals (RGP), a public, project-based professional services firm, where I was responsible for instituting organizational best practices to improve operations. Proceeding my tenure at RGP, I served for five years as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner for the Nassau County Government’s Department of Information Technology between 2002-2007.


My Favorite Course:  I would have to call it a tie between Grand Rapids and Riptide. Grand Rapids, one of our green courses, is fun because it has the most amount of zip lines – which I love – and it’s not too strenuous.  On the other hand, Riptide is one of our blue courses and gives me the rush of excitement that I look for. It’s challenging, and it has a high climb towards a long zipline across the park.


How I connect to our mission of promoting active enjoyment in the outdoors:  My connection to the outdoors has always been about the trees. I always feel at peace when I’m surrounded by these beautiful and strong, yet delicate, structures that breathe life into the earth. I love that we can connect nature with adventure to be shared with our guests.


What I do when I am not at the Park:  When I’m not at the park, I am usually at home spending time with my husband, taking care of my two dogs and spending time with my daughter when she is home from college.


A Favorite Moment:  One of my favorite moments at the park was this past September on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The park was filled with guests and we had a full staff, all who were busy keeping up with the customers. This wonderful customer came to the park with her family to celebrate her 58th birthday and she had requested a guide to accompany her party.

Because we were super busy that day and no extra hands on deck, I had the honor guiding her group for their first climbing experience. She waited three entire years to come to the park, and she chose her 58th birthday to climb up trees, swing across zip-lines, hang from logs and crawl through tunnels. Not to mention, she had three generations of her family show-up to share in her special day which included her seven year old granddaughter who was experiencing her first time climbing as well.

This guest of honor’s 7 year old granddaughter managed to complete all three green courses by pushing through her fears (and literal tears). It was a beautiful occasion and I felt very appreciative for being able to share within these moments of three generations of a wonderful family.