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Tips for a socially distanced Easter Egg Hunt

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It’s Spring and we’re itching to get out of the house – safely, of course.  A neighborhood Easter egg hunt is a creative and fun way to get your daily exercise and get some fresh air with your kids.

Put on our own neighborhood Easter egg hunt in a few easy steps:

  1. Pick a date for the hunt.
  2. Share your idea on social media and encourage your neighbors to participate:
    1. Design an Easter egg.  Design a paper Easter egg for the whole family or have each kid create their own!  Make it viewable from your sidewalk when hung in your front window.
    2. Hang your egg.  Hang your paper egg in the window for participants to find.
    3. Walk.  Enjoy your time outdoors with the kids and have them look for eggs in your neighbors windows.
  3. Include current CDC guidelines on social distancing and wearing masks.
  4. Have fun!