Hiring a Guide FAQ

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Adventure Park Guides

Our trails are intentionally designed for self-discovery, so guides are not necessary to enjoy climbing and zip lining in the park. While our hope is that both adults and children can explore together, we do have a limited number of guides for hire for those that prefer a more structured experience.

What does a Guide do?

  • Guides are familiar with all trails. While Guides are able to assist a climber orally they are not equipped to perform emergency services. Guides provide companionship, and knowledge of the park and its courses, providing an experiential aspect to the experience.
  • Guides can provide an added level of companionship for children on trails that require adult supervision from the ground.
  • Guides can accompany an adult (or group of adults) that would feel more comfortable climbing with someone more familiar with the course.
  • Guides can provide access to trails that are rated “with adult” for that age category if there are no guardians on the trails with your child.

What Trails Can Be Used With a Guide?

Climbing in the Park with a guide does not change what trails you are allowed to use. Please see the General FAQ for more information on what courses are open to which age groups and what kind of supervision is required.

Are Reservations Needed for a Guide?

Reservations for guides are required. If you would like to hire a guide, please contact us two weeks in advance. Guides can be requested within two weeks as well, but the number of guides available is limited.