9 Family Outdoor Activities to Do This Fall

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It’s official: fall has arrived! We here at The Adventure Park get excited as soon as the first autumn leaf falls to the ground—it marks the turn of wrapping up the warmth and welcoming our first fall climbers looking to enjoy all sorts of family outdoor activities at our Parks.

To help you get in the pumpkin spirit and embrace the chillier weather, we’ve built a list of nine fun outdoor activities for families. We’re talking action-packed days out that keep everyone entertained and smiling through the season.

We’ll look at a few family outdoor activities you can enjoy right here on our grounds plus a few other fall favorites you can enjoy elsewhere or in the comfort of your home.

So without further ado, let’s begin—after all, it’ll be Christmas before you know it!

1. Take on the Challenge of a Treetop Course

First up on our list of family fun outdoor activities is visiting our Parks for a treetop adventure. You’re invited to discover your inner tree climber and take on one of our aerial courses packed with all sorts of elements like climbing ropes, swings, tunnels and ziplines. Little ones can conquer any fears they might have, and parents will love being big kids for the day!

And don’t worry if there’s a nervous family member in tow—our courses are color-coded according to difficulty, meaning there’s something suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you’re a courageous expert or a novice beginner.

Wondering what the experience will be like? Here’s what your day will entail!

2. See the Spectacles of our Glow in the Park Events

Fall means darker evenings—the perfect time to enjoy our beloved Glow in the Park events held at each one of our five Parks across the country. So find the nearest Park, and book your slots quickly because tickets fly off the shelves!

Glow in the Park is essentially your chance to enjoy the Park at night. We transform the entire forest into a magical party of multi-colored LED lights and music pumping through speakers. Depending on the unique themed night you attend, expect the likes of swinging country music, ultra-cheese pop, 80s classics or banging EDM. Family outdoor activities don’t come much more exciting than this.

Up for taking on the challenges when the sun goes down? Discover more about Glow in the Park.

3. Try Your Hand (and Arm!) at Axe-Throwing

Next up on our list of the best outdoor activities for families is axe-throwing. This activity is a thrilling one! Just be aware that it’s probably more suitable for families with older children or adults since the minimum age is 12 years or older.

Axe-throwing involves a 60-minute time slot including a full briefing by an instructor who’ll teach you everything you need to know—safety, technique and a few axe-throwing games that’ll get you into the family competitive spirit. Who’ll come out on top?

We love watching our adventurers finally getting the hang of it. You’ll be throwing like a pro in no time.

Axe-throwing is available at the following Parks:

4. Go on a Family Weekend Walk

One of the healthiest outdoor activities for families is going on a weekend walk—and fall is the perfect time of year! Little ones will love jumping into muddy puddles and big piles of leaves— so put on their boots and expect them to come back dirty. We say embrace the muck!

You can also stroll around our Park forests before or after your climb—our grounds are definitely worth exploring while you’re here.

5. Enjoy a Family Bike Ride

If suggesting a walk or hike will receive a few rolling eyes, how about a family bike ride instead? Not only will it get everyone’s blood pumping, but it’s also a chance to bond together as a family unit.

So find a local bike trail, pump up your tires, pack a picnic of goodies and bring along the dog if they’re up for trotting behind!

6. Make Mud Pies (if You Dare!)

How about going back to basics and making mud pies in the backyard? All you need is a bucket, a few stones, some flowers and leaves, and of course, lots and lots of mud.

This one’s perfect if you’ve got toddlers with curious minds and boundless imaginations. Just be ready to embrace the absolute chaos of dirt—but the mess is the whole point of it! A warm bubble bath and long soak will do the trick.

7. Build a Homemade Bird Feeder

Next up on our list of family outdoor activities is making your own homemade bird feeder—another gardening activity, but this one might be slightly less mucky.

It’s pretty simple. All you need is the biggest pinecone you can find, slather it in a good dollop of organic peanut butter and roll it in birdseed. Then once you have the perfect all-natural mix, place the birdfeeder in a secluded spot in the backyard or hang it from a tree by tying a piece of string from the top. Watch your kiddos’ eyes light up as all sorts of birds stop by!

8. Go Apple Picking

Fall is the best time for apple picking—it’s a family favorite this time of year. Local orchards are brimming with thousands of ripe and ready delicious apples.

Or to get in the spooky spirit, how about pumpkin picking just in time for Halloween? There are all sorts of pumpkin-carving ideas out there for you to follow.

9. Camp Under the Stars

Last up on our examples of fun family outdoor activities is a camping trip. And don’t worry too much about the colder weather—we’re firm believers that a campout is just as fun in fall as it is in summer. In fact, it can actually be a lot more comfortable with less scorching heat and fewer mosquitoes buzzing around.

Plus, you can snuggle around a roaring campfire toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate and staring up at the stars, which always seem a lot brighter and more beautiful in fall time! Before you set off, just double check you have everything you need for an overnight stay.

Visit Us for Fall Fun This Year

Want to enjoy some all-important family fun this fall? Our Parks are the perfect place!

Take on our aerial courses by visiting any of our Park locations and booking your adventure today. If you’re planning a special family occasion of 10 or more guests, we can save you money.

Another option is you can grab one of our “Adventure Anytime” Season Passes. These membership packages give you unlimited climbing for 365 days.

We can’t wait to welcome you for some thrilling outdoor family activities!

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today! 

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