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Do you often struggle finding the perfect gift? Do you scroll endlessly through shopping sites wondering what on earth you’re going to buy? Well, struggle no longer! The Adventure Park has experience gift ticket packages for you to treat your loved ones.

We all like to give great gifts that we know our friends and family will love, right? But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the perfect sentimental gift idea. That’s why an experience gift ticket package is the way to go. We have various gift packages and gift cards available here at The Adventure Park to meet everyone’s needs.  So start browsing, gift-buyers!

Why Are Experience Gifts So Special?

You don’t need to go over the top or max out your wallet. Bigger or pricier presents aren’t necessarily better. The best gifts are the most thoughtful ones. Your loved ones will be far happier with something that’s genuinely memorable and meaningful.

In fact, science quite literally proves that experiences (rather than toys) can boost your kids’ intelligence and improve their mood. Vacations in particular lead to more advanced brain development, including improved problem-solving and emotional-expression.

One grandma came up with a genius idea of an Adventure Box: 12 envelopes containing plans of monthly activities they can enjoy together as a family. It’s these kinds of ideas that can make a birthday or Christmas one they’ll never forget. Providing memories is clearly far more valuable than any toy that will get quickly tossed aside.

Give Experience Gifts for Anyone and Everyone

We know first-hand that any special occasion deserves a unique gift. Our experience gift ticket packages may well be that one gift your loved one forgot to add to their wish list. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding you’re celebrating, our gift cards are a perfect sentimental gift idea to show you’ve put in the extra thought.

An experience gift is for anyone and everyone of all ages. Any family member, friend or colleague would appreciate this kind of present. So whether it’s your son or daughter, niece or nephew, or grandson or granddaughter, The Adventure Park experience is a gift they’ll be able to look back on for years to come. Forget materialistic throwaways that go to waste. An experience gift is a present that truly means something!

What Makes The Adventure Park Experience So Incredible?

Enjoy our exhilarating aerial adventure courses packed with climbing ropes, swings and ziplines.

  • Use the opportunity to build confidence and face fears. Our courses are color-coded based on ability, so rest assured that there’s a challenge for everyone, whether it’s big or small.
  • Walk around our beautiful grounds once your feet touch the ground again. The sights and sounds of our forestry is the perfect post-climb chance to relax.
  • A gift ticket package for The Adventure Park is a particularly great experience gift idea for kids. Check out your local Park page for more information on the youngest age that we can accommodate.

A Fitness Motivation Gift

Not only is The Adventure Park experience fun, but it’s also a chance to keep fit. It’s the perfect fitness motivation gift idea, right? You can use the park’s challenging treetop obstacle course as your very own outdoor gym. Our climbing challenges and rope swings work wonders for strength training, coordination and agility.

So if you need a fitness motivation gift for a gym junkie, our gift ticket packages are a perfect idea! If you can stretch your budget a little further, why not purchase a season pass for a loved one? That way they’ll have no excuse but to keep coming back for more training and thrills.

Choose from Two Types of Gift Cards

No matter who the experience gift card is for, we’ve got you covered! Whether it’s a birthday present, a surprise holiday gift or a sentimental gift idea to say thanks, you can choose from our three different types of gift cards.

#1 Gift eCard

Our experience gift eCard can be used for anything sold at The Adventure Park, including ticket admission, merchandise and food. All gift eCards are available in denominations from $20-$200. Best of all, they’re delivered instantly via email.

#2 Climb Gift Certificate

We also offer climb gift certificates that can be redeemed for admission tickets to the Park. They’re valid for three hours of a general admission climb. We have different types of climbing gift certificates available, so choose yours depending on the recipient’s age group. Check out your local Park page for more information.

Choose The Adventure Park for Your Experience Gift

Our experience gift cards are perfect for any struggling gift-buyers out there! So stop searching today, and give our gift ticket packages a try. Whether it’s a sentimental gift idea for a boyfriend or girlfriend, or an experience gift idea for kids, our gift cards and gift ticket packages can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our experience gift options.

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