An Educational Adventure: Learn and Play With Our Outdoor STEM Activities Program

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No matter what a child’s favorite subject is at school, bright young minds deserve the very best learning opportunities. Whether they’re sparking curiosity with a new homemade science project or joining one of our outdoor STEM activities program, a young mind thrives in new and exciting experiences. And at The Adventure Park, we have an educational adventure waiting for your child!

By 2029, it’s believed that the number of STEM jobs needing to be filled will grow by 8.8%. That’s a whole load of opportunity awaiting the great minds of our future generations. Here at The Adventure Park, we want to start sparking kids’ interest today! We’ve set up a fun, interactive STEM adventure program your child can embark on at any of our adventure parks. Your child will learn about science, technology, engineering and math, and apply concepts to The Parks. Then they’ll get to take on the thrilling challenges of our treetop trails. Now that’s the kind of fun learning that matters most!

Let’s look at what our STEM program involves and how you can get your child involved. It’s time to take STEM learning to brand new heights here at The Adventure Park!

What Does Our STEM Program Involve?

We take the all-important learning of STEM subjects outside. What can sometimes be a bit of a classroom snoozefest comes to life in and up into the joys of our thrilling treetop trails and zipline courses. Our outdoor STEM activities are an interactive, educational, and most importantly, fun way of participating in the critical thinking of STEM enrichment.

Our STEM program is a DIY adventure, where we provide videos and worksheets to help you explore the Park on your own.

What Will Our STEM Program Teach?

Our exploratory learning takes a hands-on approach and puts STEM concepts into action. We apply everything to the real world and fully engage the participants by incorporating the concepts and topics into the design and operation of The Adventure Park itself. It’s all about opening their eyes to new, exciting forms of learning while actually applying the concepts that we teach to real examples!

We offer three different topics, with each covering fun and interesting STEM subjects targeted at kids 10-12 years old:

Topic 1 – Gravity In Motion

Covering the powers and forces of physics, we’ll explore the concepts of gravity, force, motion, speed and mass. Get pumped for some high energy!

Topic 2 – Trees, Trees and More Trees

Exploring earth’s nature and biology, we’ll take a closer look at the trees we climb and the other fauna and flora around The Park too. Microscopes are at the ready!

Topic 3 – Let Them Zip

Building on the concepts learned in topics 1 and 2, we’ll explore the subjects of science, engineering, and math by understanding the design of our zipline course. We’ll cover the topics of slope, weight, speed and tree health.

Who Will Love Our Outdoor STEM Activities Program?

Any kid eager to learn about science, technology, engineering and math will love our outdoor STEM activities program. A curious mind and a great sense of adventure will come in handy too. Our caring instructors and supervisors will always be close by to give a helping hand to those less feeling brave amongst the trees – so rest assured they’ll always feel secure and supported.

Although we encourage kids of all genders to take the challenge of our STEM program, we’d especially love girls to join us! As of 2019, only 27% of the US’s STEM workforce are women, so we encourage all girls to join us in discovering what they love most about STEM. We want all of our participants to feel powerful with nothing or no one holding them back from pursuing their dreams.

Why Choose Our Outdoor STEM Activities Program?

Our outdoor STEM activities are an opportunity for our participants to learn about themselves. Our fun and engaging materials can help them understand what part of STEM sparks the most passion in them. Taking place in an environment that’s far from a mundane classroom, our STEM program is the perfect DIY educational adventure. It’s never too early to start fueling the success of future endeavors!

How Can Your Child Get Involved?

So what are you waiting for, bright young minds of the future? Make your child’s next visit to The Adventure Park a fun learning experience with our free Adventures in STEM materials.

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