Firepit Fridays: Relax and Unwind After Your Adventure Challenge

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We know you must be itching to get outside and recapture the thrill-seeker inside you once again, so The Adventure Park has an adventure challenge just waiting for you! With our selection of exciting tree trails, you can join us to climb and soar through the sky, and now we have the perfect event for you to relax and unwind afterward.

Our popular Firepit Fridays are a wonderful way to make the most of your time with us, because everyone deserves a well-needed rest after a hard day’s work climbing the trees. Our Firepit Friday package tickets will include up to 2 hours of climbing and an opportunity to join us around our cozy firepits! So what are you waiting for, adventurers?

What Are Firepit Fridays?

With the milder evenings of springtime, now is the perfect time to venture outdoors and up into the treetops at one of our climbing parks near you. And best of all, we now have what we call Firepit Fridays, so you can extend your visit and take in the beauty of the outdoors. As a well-deserved treat at the end of your adventure challenge climb, take advantage of our warming firepits for you to gather around with your fellow climbers. Just sit back and enjoy the roaring evening fire.

Unwind After a Challenging Climb

Our events are satisfying in the fall too, when the evenings are crisp and the fire’s warming heat can help you unwind. Whatever the season or weather, there’s nothing more soothing than the sound of a crackling campfire, especially after you’ve spent hours crawling, jumping and ziplining your way through our exhilarating tree tops park. So as soon as your feet touch the ground, it’s time for you to take off your safety equipment, regather your troops and head to a fire waiting for you.

Get Cozy by the Firepit

There’s something magical about being in nature after dark, and with our Firepit Fridays events, you can experience the darkened great outdoors from the safety of our grounds. Get cozy while taking in the delightful sights and sounds of the surrounding forestry, and you can even enjoy cooking up a batch of deliciously gooey s’mores for you and your fellow campmates, because everyone deserves a post-workout treat, right?

Share Your Experiences

While enjoying some tasty campfire treats, you can also take this time to reflect upon your experiences on the high ropes course. Whether you soared gracefully from tree to tree or clumsily clambered your way through the courses, we’re sure you’ll have a few stories to share with your group. Take the comfort of the firepit as a chance to bond over your treeline adventure challenge with us. We always hope to provide you with joy and laughter.

Share Your Stories

The warming flickers of a fire will entice you to gather closer and warm up with your loved ones by your side, so what better opportunity to share some campfire stories or even sing a cheery campfire song? There really is no better place or time to tell a spooky ghost story than nighttime in the heart of a forest. But if scary tales are a little too chilling for your faint heart, simply lie back and look up at the beautiful starry night sky above.

Perfect for a Date Night

Our Firepit Friday events are also a great place to book a date night, whether you’re trying to impress a crush with your inner tree climber or simply wanting to spark a little romance with a joint sense of adventure. Can you think of a more romantic end to a first date at a tree tops park than to cozy up by a dimly lit campfire? We certainly know how to get the sparks flying at The Adventure Parks!

Join Us Now!

Are you ready to join us, campmates? However you spend your time around the firepits, our friendly teams at our adventure parks are waiting for you to join in the fun. Whether you want to swing on our high ropes course or sing along to a campfire song, The Adventure Park has something fun and exciting for you.

We are running Firepit Fridays across The Adventure Parks at Nashville, Storrs, Long Island, the Discovery Museum (Bridgeport. CT). For further information, take a look at the events page of a location near you!

Book now rather than later because our Firepit Friday events are popular. You can reserve your tickets here. We’re always thrilled to have you join us!


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