How to build your own adventure park in 5 easy steps

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Looking for a fun, family activity for kids of all ages?  Bring The Adventure Park to you with these simple instructions.  Building your own Adventure Park is an engaging project for the whole family using materials you have around the house…and your imagination!

Follow our simple steps to make your own Adventure Park.

Get Inspired.

Check out videos and pictures of The Adventure Park on our website for design ideas, or take a look at the gallery below for examples of other “build your own” Adventure Parks.

  • Pay attention how the park is built with different bridges, ladders, ziplines, and tunnels that make up trails.
  • Can you tell what makes a bridge or ladder easy or difficult?

Make a Plan.

Before you can start building, you need to think about your plan, including:

  • How big will your Park be?
  • How many trails will it have?
  • How many challenges will each trail have?
  • Will your trails be easy, hard or a combination of both?
  • Will you include ziplines and ladders and tunnels in each trail?
  • Will all your trails be at the same height? Why or why not?
  • Will all the trails start from the same place or different places in the park? Use the table below.

Sketch Your Park.

Using the details of your plan, create a sketch of your Park.  You will want to show where a trail would start and end.  Be creative with how many trees (or poles) you will need, and how far apart they should be from each other.  Try starting with a smaller park so you don’t run out of what you are going to build with too quickly, you can always add to it later.   Remember that if ziplines are too short they won’t be very fun, and if bridges are too long they might get boring.  Be sure to label each challenge.

Make a List & Gather Your Materials.

Your Adventure Park can be made from many things you already have around the house, including cardboard tubes, sticks from the yard, popsicle sticks, string, ribbon, tissue paper, tape and glue.  Can you use Legos?  What about bamboo tomato stakes? 


Using your sketch as a guide, build your model Adventure Park.  As you build, think about these questions:

  • What do you do if you run out one of your materials?
  • Do you need to adjust from your plan because the park is too big? Too small?
  • Is everything sturdy enough? What materials work well?  Are any particularly tricky?
  • What would you do differently if you had to make another one?

Share your finished product with us on your Park’s Facebook or Instagram page!

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