Taking Care of our Trees

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In this edition of Peek Inside the Park, our founder & CEO Bahman Azarm talks about the steps we take to keep our trees healthy.  Trees are the heart of our Parks, so we put a priority on tree selection and maintenance.  Our guests love the trees as well, and we’ve gotten several questions about how we build and operate with the trees in mind.

How do you pick the right trees?

When designing the courses, it is important to pick healthy trees.  It isn’t easy, but we rely on aborists to assess tree health.  We look for visual signs of damage and health, but then consult the professionals.

How do you protect the trees when building a new Park?

When we build a new Park, we take great care to protect the trees.  We avoid soil compaction, which can be detrimental for tree roots.  Our builders make sure to minimize the footprint of our equipment equipment, and we try to use ropes as much as possible to bring equipment and materials up and down the trees.

How do you maintain the trees?

In our designs, we have designated paths to keep people from compacting the soil in ongoing Park use.  Plus, we bring in arborists regularly to monitor tree health and maintain any branches that could pose a hazard.  Our platforms are built to allow tree growth but need to be expanded every 3-5 years as the tree grows.  Between 5-7 years, we need to replace the platform altogether.  This type of maintenance allows the trees to grow, stay healthy and be part of our courses for many years to come.

Watch this video interview with Bahman for more insider info on taking care of our trees.


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