The Difference Between a Guided Zipline & a Self-Guided Adventure Park

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People want to spend time outdoors more than ever. With so many restrictions in the past several months and lockdowns forcing us to stay indoors, enjoying some much needed fresh air while having fun with family and friends is more important than ever before.

Grabbing a few of your nearest and dearest and heading to an outdoor adventure park is one of the best ways to blow off some steam and spend some quality time with family and friends. Aerial adventure parks offer loads of outdoor activities, from exhilarating ziplines intermixed with challenging rope courses, to keep you and your pals entertained for hours on end.

With so many outdoor parks to choose from, it can be difficult trying to pick the best one that’ll suit you and your group to maximize your fun.
The two main options are usually guided zipline tours and self-guided adventure parks, which we’ll explore in more detail and outline their main differences.

Guided Zipline Tours

Typically, ziplining tours consist of a group of guides that take you through the course. If your group isn’t big enough for the number of guests in a group, you’ll be placed with other guests in a group. This means that you are with the guides and the guests for the majority of your time in the park. Guides will help you get from zipline to zipline while monitoring your safety. It’s also customary to tip your zipline guides at the end of your adventure to show your appreciation.

Self-Guided Adventure Parks

There are several benefits to going to a self-guided adventure park.

You Can Go at Your Own Pace

One of the main advantages of going to a self-guided park is that you have the freedom to take the course at your own pace without the time constraints of a guide taking you through the course too quickly or too slowly. You can enjoy each zipline and ropes course with no time limit, and you can go on the same course over and over if you choose.

You’re With People You Know

It can sometimes be a bit intimidating completing a challenging ropes course in front of an audience, especially if you’re with strangers. That’s why a self-guided park is a great place to enjoy some adventurous fun with your closest friends.

You Decide Where to Go

One of the biggest constraints in a guided zipline tour is that you have to be directed by the guides that are escorting you through the course. This means they decide where you go at each stage of the course, leaving you with very little freedom to go somewhere else that may look more fun or appealing to you. In a self-guided park, however, you have the independence to choose where you would like to go at any given time. So, if you see a certain ropes course or zipline that looks particularly more fun than another, you can choose to skip a bit of the course and go straight there.

You Can Still Opt for a Guide

While our aerial adventure parks are designed to be self-guided, we know that sometimes our guests might need an extra level of support. We do have a limited number of guides for hire for those who enjoy a more structured experience. Our guides can provide companionship and expertise to assist new climbers. Guides can also be used to accompany children who wish to climb on a “with adult” rated course, keeping in mind that adult/child ratios apply. Guides can also provide an added level of service to birthday parties and other groups. Guides must be reserved in advance, so contact us for more information.

A Self-Guided Aerial Adventure Park

If the idea of a self-guided adventure park (or even the guided option) sounds incredibly appealing to you and you’re itching to experience it with some of your closest friends and family, then check out our various locations around the country. Our aerial adventure parks suit most ages and all capabilities, so you can have some independent fun no matter your climbing experience.

We provide all the necessary and appropriate safety measures, including an orientation before you start your adventure. Our “always-locked-on” climbing system ensures that you can have all the fun you want with friends with the utmost safety. And don’t worry—you won’t be alone. Our staff is always around to help you if you need it, and since our staff has been on every course in the park multiple times, they can assist you in finding the right course for you.

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