5 Unique Things To Do in Nashville With Kids

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Need a bit of inspiration when searching for unique things to do in Nashville? Excellent, you’ve picked a top-notch destination.

Renowned for its vibrant music scene, rich cultural history, and tons of Southern charm, Nashville is a perfect spot for a family day out. On top of being referred to as the ‘Music City’, there are also plenty of Nashville outdoor activities to lap up amongst the country twang.

Take your pick from the best family activities in Nashville and know you’re in for an unforgettable day of lasting memories with your loved ones. From toe-tapping tunes to fascinating museums to outdoor escapades, Nashville has something for everyone. 

So pack a bag full of goodies and get ready to experience the top-tier family things to do in Nashville. 

#1 Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker at Adventure Park, Nashville

First up on our list of unique things to do in Nashville: our very own Adventure Park just minutes from downtown Nashville. You’ll find exhilarating aerial rope courses nestled within the trees, plus our newest and largest park action-packed for the ultimate outdoorsy adventure — whether you’re an entry-level adventurer or an expert climber.

Our variety of tough and beginner-level courses is what makes us one of the best experiences in Nashville for both kids and grown-ups alike. Color-coded according to difficulty, everyone of all ages can arrive knowing there’s a climb perfectly suited to their ability. 


  • One of our friendly Park Monitors will hold a full safety briefing. You’ll be geared up and taught everything you need to know.
  • Take to the trees and tackle every one of the 162 obstacles that come your way, including ropes, wires, bridges, and of course our famous zip lines (we’ve got 32 of them!). 
  • Enjoy lunch at our picnic tables after touching back down to the ground. Then take in the beauty and fresh air of our wooded grounds — just what you need to re-energize after an adrenaline-filled climb!

#2 Take a Swing at Axe-Throwing 

It’s not just a treetop climb you can experience here at The Adventure Park Nashville — we’re also a top destination for axe-throwing! Picture this: a whole hour of lumberjack catapult action that’ll have your family bonding over who’s got the best aim.

Our talented axe-perts will teach you the technique and have you hurling axes like a natural in no time — all while ensuring safety is the name of the game. You can even ignite some friendly family rivalry by diving right into axe-throwing games to fuel some competitive spirit. And just one more thing — our axe-throwing lanes are only suitable for adventurers aged 12 years and older.

#3 Learn and Play at the Adventure Science Center

Another unique thing to do in Nashville…the Adventure Science Center: a spectacular hotspot for learning and discovery. Nurture your inner scientist and explore the wonders of science amongst the hands-on exhibits and mind-bending experiences, including the state-of-the-art, 63-foot Sudekum planetarium.


  • Begin your day by checking out the wide range of exhibitions like BodyQuest (a journey through the human body), the Infinium Room (an immersion in the concept of infinity), and Max Flight, a gravity-defying full-motion simulator. 
  • Climb the 75-feet tall Adventure Tower to the very top observation deck which offers incredible views of Nashville city.
  • Enjoy a spot of lunch at the center’s Cosmic Cafe before finishing off the day with a trip to the cosmos in the awe-inspiring planetarium dome. Choose from the selection of shows,  including Habit Earth, Dream to Fly, and Nightwatch (a sensational live tour of the night sky). 

#4 Explore the Honky Tonk Sounds of The Country Music Hall of Fame 

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum isn’t just for the music connoisseurs – it’s actually a musical playground for the entire family (making it one of the most sensory things to do in Nashville with kids). Inside the museum and research center you’ll find a whole bunch of fascinating and fun exhibits to interact with, including a list of shows and programs specially designed for young music fans. 

The best way to experience the museum sights and sounds with kiddos is ‘The Young Explorer Kit’: a kid-friendly pack full of scrapbook pages, stickers, pencils, and a magnifying glass.


  • Pick up your Young Explorer Kit from the information desk free of charge. Also grab one of the specially designed kid-friendly maps.
  • Let your little ones take the lead as they navigate their way around the exhibits, including the Taylor Swift Education Center (mini-Swifties will be in their element!).
  • Catch one of the museum’s many shows including the String City: a showcase of Nashville’s tradition of puppetry that’s perfect for excitable youngsters. Find something to tickle your fancy from the upcoming events schedule. 

#5 Nashville Children’s Theater: Where Dreams Take the Stage

Last up on our list of unique things to do in Nashville: it’s Nashville Children’s Theater. Prepare to be dazzled by the wide variety of family-friendly programs and hands-on lobby activities where visitors of all ages can learn about the art of drama, performance, and storytelling. This is a place where dreams take center stage and imagination knows no bounds, making it a rare gem.


  • Book your tickets and take a seat in the theater for a magical performance. The shows range from inspiring to downright fun, so take a browse and find your favorite from the list of upcoming performances.  
  • Join a guided tour of the theater itself and learn all about the art of set design, costume creation, and how the showbiz magic comes together behind the curtains.
  • Take part in an interactive workshop where the whole family can join in and discover the craft of acting and self-expression.

Visit Our Nashville Adventure Park!

We hope you’ve found the perfect option on our list of experiences in Nashville. Whatever’s on your itinerary, you’re in for an extraordinary day of family fun.

Need a little more persuading to visit us? Take a read of our full guide to the Nashville Adventure Park. It has got all the little nuggets of info you need to make the most of your day here with us. 

Looking to plan a family event with a group of 10 or more? You can save on costs with a deal from our group ticket rates. And for those who can’t get enough of our family activities in Nashville, pick up an ’Adventure Anytime’ season pass that invites you to enjoy climbing adventures for a full 365 days.

No matter what suits your preferences, rest assured you’ll find what you’re looking for on our tickets page. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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