4 Outdoor Team-Building Activities

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There’s always a worthy reason for any team to venture outside of the same four walls for some outdoor team-building activities. Whether it’s Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, a school classroom or a workforce team, there’s something special about a group of people having a collective sense of accomplishment.

In fact, having a close friend at work is thought to boost team commitment by up to 50%. It’s also been found that 85% of failures in the workplace are a result of ineffective communication. The brilliant minds of any team work better with collaboration!

It’s not just the workplace that sees these kinds of benefits from outdoor team-building activities either. All types of teams, from youth groups to athletic teams, will positively unite with the right kind of game or activity that encourages cooperative communication.

We See Team-Building as a Form of Team-Bonding

Here at The Adventure Park see team-building as also a form of team-bonding! Friendships will form, bonds will strengthen and the common goal you all work toward together will solidify. You’ll notice that performances become stronger all-round when outside team building activities become a weekly or monthly event in a group schedule.

But it can be difficult to decide what type of team-building activity is best for your team. So, let’s take a look at four unique ways to enjoy bringing your team together here with us at The Adventure Park. It’s all about making your team bond like never before!

1. Tree-Climbing at The Adventure Park

A tree-climbing adventure here at The Adventure Park is one of the best outside team-building activities simply because it’s so much fun! Your team can enjoy climbing, swinging and ziplining together as you all make your way through our thrilling treetop obstacle trails. We want to see you helping one another out and taking on the waiting challenges as a unit. Watch and encourage your teammates as they climb higher than they ever thought they could!

Best of all, the tree-climbing activities here at The Adventure Park have numerous physical and mental health benefits. Not only will your team break a sweat and get their blood pumping, but spending time in the great outdoors will also help let off some steam and relieve any team tension. Win-win!

2. Team-Bonding Around Our Fire Pits

After taking on the challenges of our adventure courses, you can head down to one of our cozy fire pits (additional fees may apply). A gathering around the calming and warming flames is the perfect opportunity for a post-climb bonding session. Simply unwind and laugh about the memories you’ve just made up in the trees or take the time to tell stories and sing fun campfire songs. A batch of gooey S’mores works well as a great post-workout treat too.

Please note that fire pits are only available at the Parks at Long Island, Nashville, Storrs and Discovery Museum.

3. A Nature Walk Around Our Grounds

Once your feet are back on the ground, a walk around our stunning grounds is another of the best outdoor team-building activities you can do here at The Adventure Park. Remember that meaningful team-building isn’t just about improving group productivity, it’s also a chance for you to see people you already know in completely different ways.

A nature walk around the park to explore the sights and sounds of our forestry is the perfect time and place to get to know your team on a deeper level. Here at The Adventure Park are big on SEL (Social Emotional Learning), so use a post-climb to develop team interpersonal skills and ponder on the experiences you’ve just shared.

4. Enjoy Some Well-Deserved Food

What’s needed at the end of an action-packed adventure? A hearty delicious meal of course! As you reach the finish line of your day, we’d love for you to stay a little while longer by enjoying a well-deserved meal here on our grounds. Celebrate your successes by raising a glass of something refreshing and sinking your teeth into some food that recharges you after a successful session on the ropes.

You have the choice of bringing in your own self-catered picnic full of goodies or we can cater for you. The choice is yours! No matter what you enjoy the most, we’ll make sure the food you dig into is wholesome, tasty and fills up any hungry bellies.

Please note that the only food and drink option available at our Virginia Beach Park is from the Virginia Aquarium’s designated caterer. Book your day and find out what catering options we have!

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