5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Ropes Park Adventure

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Are you thinking about going to a ropes park? It can be one of the best things you can do for team building, family bonding, birthday parties, field trips and many other types of gatherings. It’s also a great way to get comfortable with heights and build your confidence. Of course, choosing the right venue for you is the first step in getting you there. But how do you know which ropes course is best for you? Read on for helpful tips from our adventure park team.

Location and Type of Venue

Consider the location and the type of venue. You probably want a course that’s close to home, but it’s really about the experience, so one a little farther away may be a better option. Also, do you want to be indoors or outdoors? Both types of facilities may offer similar types of ropes courses, but being outdoors is definitely a different experience. With trees and trails, an outdoor environment can bring you back to nature. Check out a venue’s pictures, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor park, to see what you can expect from the environment.

Also, consider what type of experience you want to have. Do you just want to do a ropes course or do you want to experience ziplining and other challenges as well? An aerial adventure park is an outdoor challenge course that’s set up for you to move from tree to tree. It can include ropes courses, ziplining, bridges, and more, while you land on platforms in between the action. You’re fully secured in harnesses and safety gear the entire time. These parks are set up with different levels of difficulty and are usually color-coded, sometimes based on the colors that ski resorts use (i.e., green, blue and black). You can plan your route based on the level of difficulty that you want to face. Consider if you want to experience the outdoors and other activities while on your excursion.

Ask Plenty of Questions About the Ropes Park

Once you’ve found a few places, check out their websites for information about the facilities. If you still have questions that aren’t covered on their websites, give them a call. Anything that you have questions about should be easily answered.

Does the Venue Provide Guests Training?

It’s important to undergo an initial safety briefing and practice before taking part in a ropes course. A company should have information about their guest training on their website, but if not, give them a call. It’s necessary to have training before attempting a ropes course, especially for beginners and those with children. Training should give you the peace of mind to climb confidently. For those who have previously done a ropes course, it’s still important to have a refresher before heading out.

Age Recommendations and Courses for Children

If your ropes course outing includes children, make sure to find out what activities are available for them. In some facilities, children may be limited to a certain section of the courses. Ask about the various course levels to see how many are appropriate for kids, and also inquire about other activities for children, such as a park. Before you begin your adventure, have a staff member point out the appropriate rope courses to pursue.

Read the Venue’s Reviews

Visit the company website to see if they have reviews, and if so, what are they focused on? Do they excel in customer safety? What about negative customer reviews? Also, check out Yelp, Google My Business and social media to explore other reviews. It’s always a good idea to hear about experiences from others before planning an outing. Do your research before diving right into a ropes course.

Check Out One of Our Adventure Parks

The Adventure Park offers a truly memorable outdoor aerial adventure experience at each of our five locations. You’ll find platforms in the trees connected by cable, wood, rope and ziplines along with color-coded trails, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. With our safety orientation and practice session, you’ll be climbing and ziplining through the trees in no time, and our park guides will assist you through the entire visit.

At many of our locations, we also offer Glow in the Park events where you can move throughout the park at night with trees lit up by glow lights, music and more. We hope to see you soon!

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