All You Need to Know About Zipline Safety

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Here at The Adventure Park are masters in helping you challenge yourself, or even conquer your fear of heights. One thing you don’t need to fear is our Park safety—our course Monitors take zipline safety very seriously.

In this blog, we’ll share some things about zipline safety. We also require all guests to attend a full safety briefing in person before you start zipping, so you can ask any questions you have during this time.

Feel free to watch your Park’s online safety briefing video prior to your visit (you can find the selection of videos here). In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know about zipline safety—including zipline safety guidelines and our top ziplining safety tips.

What Is Zipline Safety?

At our Parks, safety is a top priority. Our course Monitors are there for your safety and to answer any questions you have throughout your experience up in the trees. Just make sure you listen carefully to the full safety briefing and follow instructions. Simply follow our ziplining tips and rules, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

What Zipline Safety Equipment Do We Use?

We use industry-leading equipment at our Parks. You’ll see them in your safety briefing and be told how to use them. Here are the main pieces of equipment:

  • A harness – It has all the right attachments you’ll need to attach to the safety lines.
  • Our “double-locked” smart belay system, which keeps you always locked on to our course lifelines.
  • A trolley to be used on ziplines.

Rest assured our staff inspects the equipment daily. We prioritize safety!

How Do Our Park Ziplines Work?

It’s pretty simple. Ziplines are basically a cable that connects you from platform to platform on a downward slope—sometimes the ziplines take you from a platform down to the ground too. You’ll experience both up on our various courses!

As you move along the courses, ziplines are identified with a Blue Tweezle. You’ll use your “trolley” for ziplines—don’t use your trolley on any line other than one starting with a Blue Tweezle.

So how do you use the zipline? FOLLOW “READY, SET, GO”

READY: Take your trolley and place it over the cable on the side of the Tweezle that you’re zipping down—then Tweezle onto the cable. You’re now fully connected!

SET: Check the zipline is FULLY cleared. Make sure the climber ahead of you is no longer connected and is safely out of the way.

GO: Place both of your hands on top of the trolley and sit slowly into your harness. With the harness holding your weight, lift your feet off the ground and you’ll start to zip!

Are There Zipline Safety Rules?

Here are five important zipline safety rules you need to follow:

  1. Look before you zip! Only go when the zipline is clear.
  2. Keep your hands on top of the trolley at all times.
  3. Lift your legs high before touching down on a platform.
  4. Grab the white rope and use it to pull yourself in.
  5. If you don’t quite make it to the platform, don’t panic. Just turn around and pull yourself in.

Our Top Ziplining Safety Tips

We want you to feel 100% ready for your climb, so here are our top seven ziplining safety tips.

1. Think “Blue Tweezle”!

Remember: Blue Tweezles mean it’s time to zipline and use your trolley!

2. Need help? Call “STAFF”!

Our friendly park monitors are always on hand if you need help. Just call them over by shouting “STAFF” and they’ll guide you through the next step from down below.

3. Use your common sense

If what you’re about to do seems dangerous, stop! You might be right. Reconsider your steps and ask for advice if you need it.

4. Tie long hair back

This one’s pretty simple—tie long hair back to stay free from tangles among the safety lines.

5. Respect other climbers

Remember that everyone has different experiences on the course, so be patient and understanding. It’s okay to pass others safely—or better yet, lend some brave words of encouragement.

6. Follow the rules

Only one person is allowed on each element at a time and a maximum of three people per platform!

7. Wear the right clothing

Closed-toe shoes are a must. We also highly recommend wearing protective gloves to prevent any skin irritations or cuts.

If you’re still unsure what clothing is best to wear, we have a few extra tips on what’s most comfortable.

What Can You Do to Follow Our Zipline Safety Guidelines?

The first thing you can do is get clued up on zipline safety before your visit.

We have a range of safety briefing videos available to watch—find the video for the location nearest to you. Just note you will need to also watch the safety briefing video again at The Park.

Once you’ve watched the video again, you’re eligible to apply for our Briefing Bypass Club. Membership is free and is valid for one season, but it must be renewed annually.

Other than that, the best thing you can do to follow zipline safety guidelines is to take your time on our courses. There’s no rush! Go at your own pace and take one step at a time.

Book Your Trip Today!

Do you feel reassured with this run-down of zipline safety? We hope so!

If you’re ready to take the leap, book your tickets today or contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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