What to Wear Climbing and Ziplining at an Adventure Park

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Ziplining and climbing at an Adventure Park is a thrilling experience for both beginners and experienced climbers. There’s something about flying through the trees with the wind blowing in your hair and finishing an obstacle course that makes you feel unstoppable!

However, the wrong clothes could put a damper on your adventure. Since you wear a harness that goes over your clothes, you’ll want to wear comfortable and suitable clothing to make the most out of your experience. We’ll share some tips on clothing so that you can have the most enjoyable day at the Park. If you have more questions, visit our Help Center or give us a call!

Tops: Something that’s Comfortable and Allows You to Move

When you’re ziplining and climbing around the Park, you’ll want to wear a top that’s comfortable and provides you with a good range of motion. Keep in mind that you’ll have on a harness that goes around your chest and back, and you don’t want a shirt to ride up or get bunched up under the harness. A good choice would be a shirt that you can tuck in or one that stays put.

Bottoms: Something that’s Longer and Moves Easily

Like tops, you’ll want to wear a bottom that’s comfortable and allows for a good range of movement. The harness fits around your waist and legs, and your weight will rest on the leg loops, so you’ll want to wear something that won’t rub around the loops. We suggest wearing long pants, capris, leggings or longer shorts. Bottoms that are made for working out or hiking, with a moisture-wicking, close-fitting fabric, are a great choice. Above all, make sure that your bottoms will be comfortable and allow for movement.

Shoes: Closed-Toed

You may not think much about footwear because you picture yourself flying through the air on a zipline, but your experience will include climbing through a course consisting of bridges, ropes and other crossings. Closed-toed shoes are required, so plan appropriately. Make sure your footwear is secure, as you don’t want to lose a shoe on your adventure.


We climb in rain or shine, on sunny days and chilly ones.  Plan for the weather and dress in layers. On hot days, choose moisture-wicking fabrics. If the weather is going to be on the chilly side, such as in the morning or evening, you might want to wear a jacket. Just make sure that it’s not too bulky so you have a good range of motion.

Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are HIGHLY recommended when climbing at the Park. As part of our current health and safety guidelines, we’re not providing “community” gloves at this time. However, we encourage you to bring your own gloves or purchase a pair online or from our retail store. Protective gloves will make gripping easier and prevent skin irritations or cuts. Examples of protective gloves include work gloves, garden gloves and bike gloves. Leather-palmed are ideal, but any protective gloves are permitted.


Hats, sunglasses and other accessories are permitted, but make sure that are well-fitted and secured. After all, you don’t want to lose your favorite shades on a zipline!  If you have long hair, tie it back and out of the way.

Skin Protection

The sun can be deceiving. You may think you’re protected by the trees’ shade, but the sun has a way of peeking through. Before you enter the Park, apply a thick layer wherever your skin is exposed. Depending on where you live and what time of day it is, you may encounter bugs. Avoid them by applying bug spray before you enter the Park.


Check the weather before you go to a Park. The last thing you want to do is be unprepared and not enjoy your day! We’ve got tips on climbing and ziplining in the summer, as well as cool weather climbing tips.

Now that You Know What to Wear Ziplining, Join Us!

We have several Adventure Parks, all of which offer a truly remarkable aerial adventure park experience. To learn more about Adventure Parks, visit our What is an Adventure Park page. Our Parks are perfect for family outings, groups and birthday parties. Check out all we have to offer at a Park near you and reach out to us if you have any questions. 


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