Date Night at The Adventure Park: Find Your Inner Tree Climber and Impress a Date

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How would you describe your perfect date? Date night doesn’t need to be the same cliché choice of dinner and drinks. We’ve all been stuck inside our homes eating and drinking for far too long, so it’s time to get out and try something different. The Adventure Park has the perfect aerial obstacle course for you and your date, where you can climb amongst the tree tops and zipline through the sky. It’s really the perfect time to recapture your sense of adventure and impress a date with the inner tree climber hiding inside all of us.

With our selection of fun and exciting treetop trails, we challenge you to take to the skies and try out a thrilling way of spending quality time together. Whether you want to rekindle an old flame or spark something new, The Adventure Park has a fun and exciting aerial course waiting for you. It’s time to get outside and create some romance a little differently.

Try Something New: an Exhilarating Climbing Park

An active date is always a successful date! At one of our award-winning aerial adventure parks, you can release both the thrill-seeker and the hopeless romantic within you. After our tough year of isolation, what better place to venture outside and try something new and challenging. Whether you’re heading out on your first date with a new crush or booking a surprise day-out for a cherished loved one, a climbing park is ideal for shaking things up and trying something different. You could even invite another couple along for a fun double date.

Surprise Someone You Love!

We all love surprises, right? There’s no greater way to say “I love you” than booking a secret trip or day out with the person who means the most to you—and our aerial adventure parks are ideal for celebrating your love in an entirely unique way. You can also purchase an Adventure Park gift card, which is perfect for planning an experience for an upcoming birthday or special occasion. Whatever the celebration, a surprise at one of our adventure parks will be unforgettable! Our gift cards are available at any amount and are redeemable at all of our parks.

Find and Impress with Your Inner Tree Climber

At our adventure parks, you’ll have an exhilarating and rewarding experience no matter who’s climbing next to you—but date night at The Adventure Park is especially fun for those who want to impress with their climbing skills. With our challenging set of aerial trails set among the tree tops, you can amaze your date with a sense of coordination and athleticism that even you didn’t know you had. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with healthy competition, so why not challenge each other to a spot of romantic rivalry?

It’s One of the Best Outdoor Date Ideas for Spring

With springtime here, now is the perfect time to switch off our electronics and step outside once again to restore our inner adventurer that’s waiting to be set free. Forget about the standard date to see a movie or grabbing some food at a restaurant, the heights of the tree tops are a perfect place for real bonding. No one likes awkward silences, and at The Adventure Park, you can fill them with joyful laughter and screams! Let your guard down and feel connected to one another with the adrenaline thrills of an adventure course.

Accept the Challenge and Feel Comfortable

Your experience with us is always centered around safety first, so if you and your date need a little breaking-in first, rest assured that every session starts with a full briefing. You’ll have a chance to have a practice during this briefing too. Our trails are color-coded by difficulty, so we never want you to feel unsure of the obstacles ahead. Start with an easy trail first and work your way up the levels to whatever difficulty you feel comfortable with and enjoy the most. No pressure!

You’re Always in Good Hands

If you’re not feeling so brave, don’t worry. With the help of our expert employees and the reach of your caring date by your side, you can feel both challenged and comfortable for whichever color of trail you take. All of the trails at our parks are self-guided so you can take the course at your own pace and in your own time. We also want you to feel unstoppable once you’re up in the trees, so check out our guide on what’s best to wear on your visit. Basically, anything that’s comfy and allows you to move freely!

Firepit Fridays: One of the Most Romantic Second Date Ideas

If your first date is for wining and dining, our aerial adventure parks are one of the very best second date ideas—that’s when it’s time to test each others’ inner thrill-seeker. Best of all, after an exhausting climb along the treetop tails, you can then let the sparks truly fly to a romantic backdrop of our Firepit Fridays at our Discovery, Long Island, Nashville and Storrs Parks. Can you think of a more relaxing and romantic end to an energizing date by joining us for a seat around a flickering campfire to unwind and tuck into some tasty s’mores?

A Date Night with the Evening Light

To make your date extra special, you can visit one of our Glow in the Park events. After the sun sets and darkness falls, we transform our courses into evening spectacles of fairy LED lights and themed music, from 80s classics to modern EDM. With the beauty of the starry night sky above, ziplining across the tree tops will never feel so magical. These events sell out fast, so make sure you reserve your tickets now! You don’t want to miss this chance to make your date night out of this world.

What Are You Waiting for?

So what are you waiting for, romancers? However you describe your perfect date, now is the time to try something new and exciting. Our adventure parks are some of the best outdoor date ideas to spend some well-needed time together, so we hope you’re ready for a romantic setting amongst the trees. Most of all, we hope you’re ready to bring your tree climber A-game.

Take a look at your Park location for our annual schedule. Book now rather than later so you don’t miss out on a perfect springtime date. Buy your tickets here. We’re always thrilled to have you join us!

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