Grow, Learn and Play: Let Your Little Ones Explore Our Kids’ Adventure Playground

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We all love to see our kids, big and small, play and explore safely in this big world. That’s why our specially designed kids’ Adventure Playgrounds are the perfect place for your little ones (ages 3-6) to discover the adventurer inside of them!

Some of our most powerful childhood memories come from the playground. The freedom of exploring an outdoor playground helps little ones develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. There’s something super special about watching little explorers follow their instincts and learn new exciting things at such a young age.

Make sure you bring your mini-adventurers next time you visit one of our Adventure Parks at Long Island, Nashville or Storrs CT. Our Adventure Playgrounds offer an exciting kids’ outdoor adventure that any child would love. It’s a space for them to grow, learn and play the adventurous way.

Bring the Little Ones Along Too

A lot of families assume our Parks are only for big kids, but our Adventure Playground accommodates mini kids, so don’t forget that we’re here to entertain the little ones too. We don’t want any family members missing out on the fun, thrills and adventures that we offer here.

Check out our ticket prices and group offers.

The Adventure Park is Fun for the Entire Family

There’s something for everyone here at The Adventure Park! The entire family will find something to excite, inspire and thrill them, whether it’s amongst the trees on our adventure ziplines or in our Adventure Playground that’s specially designed for little adventurers ages 3-6.

Your mini adventurers deserve the same kind of enjoyment that bigger kids get at a park like ours. That’s why we have our mini kids’ adventure park: a stimulating space that’s specially built for adventures. Our Adventure Playground is packed full of exciting play structures, including exhilarating swings, slides and crossings. So rest assured there’s something for all to experience here.

Watch Them Grow and Learn

Our Adventure Playground is perfect for promoting happy and healthy development too. Any parent or guardian will find it fascinating and rewarding to watch them grow and learn around the park. The Playground gives them the age-appropriate challenges that strengthen their resilience and encourage self-confidence. Watch as they get to know their own capabilities as mini thrill-seekers.

As well as improving motor and cognitive skills, their social skills will be tested. See how they act when they bump into fellow mini-adventurers on their exploration around the Park. They’ll build friendships. Adventure Playground gives them the time and space to gain independence and become braver and stronger adventurers on their own.

Prepare Them for the Bigger Playgrounds

The obstacles in place will encourage little ones to resolve any conflicts they encounter and make decisions for themselves. It’s an opportunity for them to test their bravery and take control of their own power.

We think of our Adventure Playground as preparation for the bigger “playgrounds” that we offer with the treetop adventure trails. It only takes a few years for your youngster to graduate from our Playground to our adventure courses in the sky! So watch as they become well-equipped and start to learn the skills needed to take on our bigger challenges that require even more bravery and even greater inner strength.

Play in the Great Outdoors

Playing in our kids’ Adventure Playground will also help promote good physical, emotional, and mental health. There’s no feeling more freeing than being outside in a green natural space. It’s a safe space for them to use their own intuitions and let their imaginations run wild amongst the play structures. We here at The Adventure Park are big on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), so let your little ones freely explore what our active kid adventure park offers. The great outdoors is the perfect place for adventurous play and recreation.

Celebrate a Birthday Here

Why not have a birthday celebration here? A birthday party at The Adventure Park is a memorable experience for both the guest of honor and their fellow party-goers. Watch as your little ones frolic with fun and build their friendships in our Adventure Playground. In addition to the Playground, you can also reserve a picnic table. Goodie bags for your guests are also available for an additional fee.

Become Brave Adventurers Today!

Find the nearest location to you today and discover how your little one can join in the thrills and excitement found here at The Adventure Park. Book your date now.

The Adventure Park at Long Island: Adventure Playground

The Adventure Park at Nashville: Adventure Playground

The Adventure Park at Storrs, CT: Adventure Playground

We can’t wait to see the whole family join us! We’re ready and waiting to provide you all with an adventurous day you’ll never forget.


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