Zip Lining Safety Tips from Professionals

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Ziplining and climbing at an adventure park are exhilarating activities that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and those looking to overcome their fears. Whether you’re ziplining at night or on a perfectly sunny day, it’s important to take the proper precautions to maximize your fun. Read on for some helpful tips!  

1. Bring Your Own Protective Gloves

As part of our updated health and safety guidelines, we’re not providing “community” gloves at this time. We HIGHLY encourage you to bring your own gloves while you’re at the Park. We recommend using leather-palmed, protective gloves. We also have gloves available to purchase at our Park retail stores.

2. Listen to the Safety Orientation

Whether you’re enjoying an adventure park during the day, dusk or one of our special Glow in the Park events, it’s critical to pay close attention to the safety briefing video and instructions from the staff during the safety orientation. The orientation starts with a safety briefing. The staff will then guide you in putting on your climbing equipment and help you with a ziplining practice session. 

3. Wear the Right Clothing 

Check the weather before you come to the Park and dress appropriately. If you plan to go to the Park during our Last Call hours or for one of the Glow in the Park events, it may be cooler at night. If The Adventure Park is located in a buggier area, wear long sleeves and pants or use bug spray. Always wear closed-toed shoes and avoid wearing short shorts. If you’re ziplining during the day, pack sunscreen. Some of our Parks have lockers that you can rent for a small fee, so you can always leave your sunscreen, bug spray and jacket in a locker and come back when you need your belongings.

4. Use Safety Equipment

Our Park staff will provide you with the necessary equipment, which includes a double-connected harness system, to ensure that you have a smooth journey ahead. We’ll also guide you through how to wear your harness and how it supports your body. 

5. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

When you enter the main platform, take a look at the area to get familiar with your surroundings. This is important especially if you’re afraid of heights or if you’re a beginner at ziplining, as you might feel a bit anxious. Spending some time taking in the scenery will help you adjust to the adventure ahead of you! Our Park staff is always available to assist you, and there’s no time limit on the trails, so you can take your time until you become more comfortable.

6. Do Not Play with Your Phone While Climbing and Ziplining

We understand the appeal of taking photos of the gorgeous scenery and snapping a selfie or two, but we encourage you not to get preoccupied with your phone. If you’re busy on your phone while you’re on the trails, there’s a greater risk of dropping your phone and missing out on the adventure. Snap your selfie, and then secure your phone tightly so your phone is protected and you can appreciate the scenery around you.

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Perfect for people of all abilities, our Adventure Parks accommodate adventure seekers, families, students, birthday parties, class trips and so much more. Ages vary, so check the individual Park’s web page to see the age requirements. Some of our Parks have Adventure Playgrounds for younger children, so that’s another option. All in all, climbing and ziplining will help boost your confidence and give you both an adrenaline rush and a feeling of accomplishment!

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