5 Best Nashville Activities for Families

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Family activities in Nashville aren’t too hard to come by. But for something extra special, we encourage you to check out our fun and action-packed Nashville activities for families that you can enjoy with us, right here at The Adventure Park in Nashville.

The Park is situated just minutes from downtown Nashville, so we’re easy to find and a perfect spot for family bonding time. A day spent here is fun for the whole family—you’ll take in the fresh air of our forests and get the blood pumping up in our treetop courses. Plus so much more…

So what range of activities in Nashville can you enjoy here at our Park? What fun activities in Nashville are perfect for families?

We have six great options to get you excited.

#1 Climb Our Action-Packed Treetop Courses

One of the best Nashville activities for families is taking on the challenges of our treetop aerial courses. You’re invited to take to the skies and find the inner tree climber lurking inside of you.

And don’t worry, we have experiences for everyone of all ages and capabilities. Our courses are color-coded according to difficulty, meaning there’s a suitable course for every family member, whether you’re a courageous expert or a novice beginner.

Our staff is always on hand down below when you might need some words of advice or encouragement. You can even hire a personal guide to show you through the trees and instruct you on each individual challenge that takes you from platform to platform. There’s no need to be nervous here with us!

#2 Explore the Glowing Trees in the Dark

Family activities in Nashville don’t all need to be in the daytime—our Glow in the Park events allow you to enjoy the Park once the sun goes down too. At these special events, the whole forest transforms into a spectacular display of LED lights, and we crank the music up through speakers to get your blood flowing.

Each event is themed, so expect to hear country music, cheesy 80s classics or banging EDM. Just beware that tickets for these events tend to sell out super fast, so buy yours now to make sure the family doesn’t miss out.

#3 Spend Quality Family Time Around Firepits

Family activities in Nashville are all about reconnecting with one another, and what better way to do this than relaxing around a roaring campfire?

Our Firepit Fridays are an extraordinary experience. You’ll take on two hours of climbing and then have a chance to relax around one of our firepits with your family. It’s an opportunity to rest your tired arms and legs, sing campfire songs or share stories of the funny things that happened up in the trees. Best of all, you can grab s’mores and roast them in the flames for a gooey sweet treat. After the workout you’ve just had, you could all stand a sugar rush.

Firepit Fridays are also super popular Nashville activities here at our Park, so grab your package tickets ASAP.

#4 Bring the Little Ones to Our Adventure Playground

No one’s left out of the fun here. Not even the littlest kiddos who aren’t quite old enough to take on the bigger challenges of our aerial courses. Instead, kids aged 3-6 can take on the mini swings and bridges at the Adventure Playground.

Think of it as a scaled-down version of our full-size park challenges—it has just the right amount of thrills fit for little adventurers. The highest element is only 24 inches off the ground, so you can be by their side through each challenge. You also have the option to use a harness if your kiddo would feel more comfortable.

The happy smiles at the end of the day will make you the proudest parents in the whole of Nashville.

And if they want to keep coming back time and time again, you can purchase a 365-day Adventure Playground membership.

#5 Take a Walk Around Our Grounds

The best Nashville activities for families are sometimes the simplest—like a relaxing family walk around our grounds.

We’re proud of the natural beauty found in our Nashville Park, so feel free to explore the foot trails and take in the wonderful sights and sounds of the forestry. It’s the perfect post-climb cool-down to stretch out your muscles. Plus, Mother Nature is also one of the best forms of relaxation, so if you’re feeling apprehensive about the day, you can also go for a pre-climb stroll to settle your nerves.

Visit Our Nashville Adventure Park!

Rest assured there are plenty of fun activities in Nashville for families, six of which you can take part in right here with us.

Planning a special family occasion of 10 or more guests? We can save you money! Check our group ticket rates. Or if you want to make our Nashville activities day-out a regular thing, we also have “Adventure Anytime” Season Passes. These membership packages give you unlimited climbing for 365 days.

Whatever you might prefer, we’ll have the right offer on our tickets page. We can’t wait to see you!

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today! 

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