Tips for Planning an Outdoor Group Outing

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Are you the designated planner of your next outdoor group activity? If so, we have some handy tips and tricks for making sure your group outing runs as smoothly as possible. We know firsthand how tricky it can be trying to organize it all by yourself. So rely on us.

From birthday parties to corporate events, we’ve got something for everyone here at The Adventure Park. Whether you’re a family, a bunch of friends, an after-school club or a boss looking to treat your employees, keep reading if you need some inspiring group activity ideas or some advice on planning the work outing like a pro.

Let’s begin!

5 Group Outing Planning Tips

Here are five pointers on planning the ultimate group outing.

#1 Group Activity Ideas: Choose Something for Everyone

Coming up with group activity ideas that excite everyone can be impossible. You’ll get nowhere going round and round in circles trying to please all members of the group—so how about biting the bullet and choosing a day out at one of our Adventure Parks?

Not only is it a super fun outdoor group activity, but it’s also a challenge that everyone can take on to build their confidence, conquer any fears and let their inner child run free. And since our Parks are so fun, you may not even realize that you’re getting a workout in! Check out our full blog on the 6 health benefits of visiting one of our Parks.

We Have a Variety of Course Levels

We’re big believers that our Parks have something suitable for all ages and abilities. All of our courses are color-coded according to difficulty, so everyone can take on the course they’re feeling most up to.

In other words, if there’s someone in the group who’s feeling a little hesitant to climb, rest assured there’ll be a smaller, less daunting course they can take on first.

Not Everyone Has to Climb

Don’t worry too much if there are some members of the group who would prefer not to climb—all non-climbing guests are welcome to enjoy our grounds free of charge. We wouldn’t want anyone missing out on the antics. They can watch from below, cheer the group on and take pictures!

We’re a Perfect Work Outing Venue

Looking for an energizing work outing or corporate day out that tests your employees’ nerve and courage? We’re the perfect place to host group activities for adults, far away from any typical seminars or workshops.

Watch as your team works together up in the trees and finds inner strength they never knew they had.

How About Axe-Throwing?

Want to plan an even more unique group outing? How about axe-throwing? You can hire our special axe-throwing lanes and play all sorts of group games to see who’ll come out on top.

It’s certainly an outdoor group activity that’ll work out your arm muscles—we’ll get you throwing like a lumberjack in no time!

Here’s everything you need to know about our axe-throwing opportunities.

Please note that axe-throwing is only available for visitors aged 12+ and at the Adventure Parks in Nashville, TN and our two Connecticut locations in Bridgeport and Storrs.

#2 Prepare for the Weather

Checking the weather is one of the most important things about planning an outdoor group activity. We climb in rain or shine, so check out our tips for what to wear.

If the weather does turn on the day of the group outing, we have a flexible cancellation policy that means you can postpone the climb and “bank” the payment for a later day.

#3 Keep Everyone Informed With Outing Details

As the organizer of the group or work outing, it’s your duty to make sure everyone is informed of all the details they need, such as dates, times, what to wear, things to bring, etc.

We have a whole blog dedicated to what to bring with you when visiting us, including things like a bottle of water, gloves, snacks, and money for our gift shop. Read our ultimate guide on how to get yourself ready for your Park adventure. And don’t forget to get everybody to sign their waiver before arriving!

#4 Feed Hungry Mouths

Everyone will be feeling hungry after their workout in the trees—so make sure you’ve planned food and drink. Hungry mouths must be fed!

We’ve got picnic tables you can reserve if you want to bring along sandwiches and other goodies. Or you can order something straight to the Park from a list of food delivery and other dining services in the area.

#5 Keep Everyone Safe and Happy

Our Park Monitors work tirelessly to keep everyone safe on our grounds. However, we do ask that for school trips, there is a 1 adult to every 10 children ratio.

We take safety very seriously at our Adventure Parks. You’re all in for a fun time, but please make sure you listen carefully to our safety briefing. Our courses are self-guided and everyone is responsible for their own safety up in the trees, so it’s vital you follow instructions and pay close attention while learning how our ropes safety system works.

Book Your Outdoor Group Activity Today

Are you ready to join us at one of our Parks? To learn more about group outings, select your Park location:

Remember, We’re Always Here to Help

For groups of 10 or more, we have a flexible cancellation policy in place and added payment protections. More information is available on the Group FAQ section for your Park location. Your dedicated Group Sales Specialist can also answer any questions.

For your group outing, we do require a signed waiver for each guest. The waivers are online, and you can fill them out prior to your event, so it’s one less thing to handle at the Park.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You!

Our Parks are the perfect place to entertain every member of the group, whether you’re a class looking to celebrate the end of term or a Scouts group looking for their next adventure. Please contact us directly:

Group Sales Phone: 475-988-0988


If you have any questions, reach out to us or visit our Help Center. We look forward to seeing you in the trees soon!

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