Things to Do Outside in Fall: Cool Weather Ziplining and Climbing Tips

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Are you still looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors even if the weather is getting a little cooler? Imagine the wind whipping your hair back, a cool breeze hitting your skin, the sun setting in the distance, and colorful leaves below your feet – this is what you’ll experience if you zipline in the fall at an Adventure Park. As warm, sunny days transition to cooler autumn nights, there’s nothing like ziplining on a cool, crisp evening.

Before joining us for an exciting day or evening at one of our Adventure Parks, read our tips on how to climb and zipline as the weather cools down!

Layer Your Clothing

There’s always a breeze when zipping through the trees, so layering up is the way to go! You could come mid-day when it’s sunny and warm, but due to the shifting weather patterns, it could cool down. When thinking about what to wear ziplining, be prepared by layering up for a range of temperatures.

A cozy base layer should consist of a soft, comfortable and thin undershirt or long johns, preferably in a moisture-wicking material for optimum comfort. The insulating layer can be any loose-fitting articles such as a lightweight shirt or pants. Choose a wind/waterproof outer layer, such as a jacket.

Remember to secure your pockets if you plan to bring a hat, wallet, keys, or cell phone. We don’t recommend wearing a scarf as it could get caught in the equipment.

Bring Protective Gloves

We highly recommend bringing gloves to use as you zip and climb. Gloves will protect your hands and keep you warm. At this time, we aren’t providing community gloves, but we encourage you to bring your own. Work gloves, garden gloves and bike gloves will work. Leather-palmed gloves are ideal, but any time of gloves are permitted.

Wear Closed-Toed Shoes

Regardless of the weather, you should always wear closed-toe shoes to help with the Park terrain. As the weather gets cooler, you might want to consider boots or other protective, warm footwear.

Check the Weather

Before you head out for the day or evening, check the weather. Occasionally we may need to close the Park due to weather conditions. Also, the weather can give you an idea about how many and types of layers to bring.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Before venturing off to our trails, make sure you’re staying hydrated. Although you might not feel yourself sweating, you’ll still be using a lot of energy on the zipline and ropes course. Stay hydrated to avoid fatigue or muscle cramps.

Also, consider drinking warm liquids. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup or even hot water will significantly help with keeping you both hydrated and at a warmer temperature. Take a quick break from all your ziplining fun to grab a quick cup of joe or anything else that will warm up your insides quickly. 

Stay Fueled Up

Your body tends to burn way more calories as the weather gets colder to stay warmer for longer. Make sure to keep eating. Protein bars, sandwiches, and fruits are all a good source of energy while also being quick and easy to eat on the go. Just remember to keep eating!

Ready to Join Us at The Adventure Park?

Book a visit today and enjoy some fun things to do outside in the fall at one of our Adventure Parks. Pick the location nearest you and click on the link to get more information. 

As always, reach out to us or visit our Help Center with any questions. We look forward to assisting you!

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