Secure and Locked-In: the LockD Clips Smart Belay System

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Ever wondered how we keep you so secure up in the trees at The Adventure Park? Well, you have our uber-smart belay system to thank for that.

Known as LockD Clips, our ropes course safety system is the most advanced in the world—so you can enjoy the fun and thrills of our treetop courses freely and easily, knowing you’re securely locked-in with a one-of-a-kind smart belay device. We’re big believers that aerial climbing courses are for everyone, and our continuous belay system passes the reins back over to the climber for a sky-high adventure like no other.

In fact, LockD Clips has taken the adventure recreation industry by storm. All of our Parks now use the LockD Clips system—so we think it’s time you learn everything you may want to know about the very safety system you’ll get to grips with on your visit.

It’s time to go behind the scenes on how LockD Clips work and why it’s such a clever set of equipment!

LockD Clips are simple, straightforward and most importantly, secure…

What Is a Continuous Belay System?

Let’s start with the very basics—what is a continuous belay system? Unless you’re one of our Park Monitors or a zipline guru, chances are you’ve never heard of one before.

A continuous belay system (also known as an integrated carabiner system) is basically the set of ropes, wires, locks and other mechanisms that keep you connected while climbing, swinging and ziplining on aerial adventure courses like ours.

The keyword here is “continuous”—a belay system is specially designed to be transfer-free, meaning if used correctly, you’re continuously attached to a safety line no matter what.

However, our smart belay system goes one step further than the standard continuous belay system. LockD Clip’s revolutionary “always-locked and always-attached” mechanism means adventurers like you can roam exciting aerial courses more freely while still feeling reassured that you’re in good hands, from lift-off to touch-down.

Our expert Monitors are always available for questions or assistance—but do check out our full blog on zipline safety before visiting. You’ll find a few tips and tricks on how to follow the all-important safety guidelines when using our ropes course safety system.

How Does the LockD Clips Smart Belay System Work?

Now let’s explain how the innovative LockD Clips work…

In a nutshell, our smart belay system consists of a dual-lanyard, dual-clip design where one clip is always locked while the other one might be open. And in addition to the right ropes, wires and lanyards, we also use something we fondly call a “Tweezle Key.”

The Tweezle Key is indeed the “key” to locking and unlocking the LockD Clips smart belay system. When a LockD Clip is inserted onto a Tweezle Key (mounted on a lifeline wire), it locks, while the other clip unlocks. Using the Tweezle Key ensures that climbers only clip onto lifelines intended for participant use, eliminating the risk of customers clipping onto other lines not designed for participants.

Still a little unsure how it works? Watch our short Pop Goes the Tweezle video that explains it all further. Beware—you’ll be humming the tune in your head for weeks. You’ve been warned!

Why Do We Use LockD Clips?

Not to brag, but LockD Clips is the best ropes course safety system out there on the market. Not only is the LockD Clips system simple to get the hang of, but it also provides a much more enjoyable and secure experience when compared to other clip systems.

Without a smart belay system like ours, the climber gets a slower, more passive experience rather than a full hands-on engagement with the course. Most importantly, climbers can’t pass each other as they make their way through the course, which creates dangerous and frustrating bottlenecks when you’re forced to wait for the person in front of you.

But that’s just the surface of why we use LockD Clips. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits that a smart belay system brings to you, our courageous climbers.

4 Reasons Why Climbers Love LockD Clips

1. Easy to use

The LockD design is lightweight and simple to get the hang of. You’ll be adventuring from tree to tree in no time.

2. Suitable for all ages

Our slenderized carabiner is made for both small and large hands. Kids and adults alike can enjoy our courses knowing they’ll get to grips with it easy-peasy.

3. Suitable for all abilities 

There’s virtually no learning curve for first-time newbies. You’ll see how easy it is. Plus even the most experienced pros love how freeing LockD Clips make the aerial climbing experience.

4. Autonomous climbing experience

LockD Clips bring a greater sense of flexibility and control up in the trees. You can choose to take alternative trails and pass slower climbers with ease. No element is too big or small to take on, whether it’s a vertical climbing ladder or a horizontal rope bridge.

Safety is #1 at The Adventure Park

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two today about our smart belay system, but don’t worry if you’re still a little confused—we’ll explain more on your next visit.

You’ll get a full safety briefing by one of our friendly and caring Park Monitors, including a visual demonstration of how each component works. You’ll also get the chance to practice before your climb. Put your trust in us to help you feel confident and raring to go.

Book Your Experience Today!

Feeling reassured by learning all about our smart belay system? We hope so!

The next step is to book your experience and try out our LockD Clips for yourself. So if you’re ready to take the leap, book your tickets today or contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Wondering what park is closest to you? Visit our Park locations to find your nearest one. We can’t wait for you to book your next adventure. In the meantime, take a read of our blog on everything you can expect from your day here—it provides a rundown of the day’s itinerary from arrival to the selection of fun post-climb activities on offer like our Glow in the Park events.

You can even get your very own season membership pass that’ll allow you to come back anytime for a full 365 days. That’s unlimited access!

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today! 


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