Everything to Expect from Your Day at a Tree-to-Tree Obstacle Course

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Are you thinking of visiting us? Want to know what to expect from your day at a tree-to-tree obstacle course? We have all the information you need.

We’re a unique kind of recreation. Your day here with us at The Adventure Park is action-packed. It’ll be full of thrills and laughter that you can experience with your friends, family, co-workers or with any other type of special group. Just come with a sense of adventure, and we’ll provide the memories!

Here’s everything you should expect from your day at a tree-to-tree obstacle course. Get ready, adventurers! Your unforgettable day awaits.

On Arrival

Our Team Will Welcome You

We can’t wait to welcome you here at The Adventure Park. Make sure you’ve chosen a suitable date and booked your tickets. On arrival, we’ll greet your party and get you riled up and excited for your climb. Our friendly and passionate team members are masters in packing your day with fun and keeping you entertained.

Before Your Climb

You’ll Have a Full Safety Orientation

Our trustworthy Monitors will give you a complete pre-climb safety orientation that will last about 10 minutes. This is when you’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions. We want you to feel 100% confident on our tree-climbing obstacle course.

We recommend wearing something comfortable too. Think pants, closed-toe shoes and layers if the weather’s cold. Check out our full guide on what to wear when climbing our aerial tree obstacle course.

You’ll Get All Your Safety Equipment

We’ll give you equipment after the safety briefing and show you how to use it. You’ll be using a double-connected, “always-locked-on” climbing system that keeps you attached to the safety lines at all times.

Our Monitors will ensure your harness is tightened, fitted correctly and fully secure. You’ll get time to check things out on a practice course before you hit the main platforms.

During Your Climb

Choose the Right Trail for You

We’ve got a variety of tree-to-tree obstacle courses for you to pick. Each treetop obstacle course is color-coded according to difficulty, so there’s something for all abilities. The color-coded trails range from beginner (purple) to advanced (black), so both amateurs and experts are covered! Check out our blog for more in-depth info on the various trails.

You’ll Start Conquering Your Fears

Our tree-to-tree obstacle courses are made up of platforms connected by bridges, ropes, wires and ziplines. As you make your way through the course, you’ll face a series of challenges designed to test you and your tree-climbing skills. You’ll find that your confidence grows after each obstacle. You’ll master the trails in no time!

You Can Get a Guide

Our courses are designed for self-discovery. But you can opt for a guided climb if you’d like. One of our super supportive park guides can walk you through your chosen trail, helping you get from platform to platform with ease. We want even our most hesitant climbers to conquer their fears.

We’ve got more info if you’re unsure whether a guided or self-guided adventure is best for you.

You’ll Bond With Your Fellow Climbers

You’ll have a chance to socialize with your fellow climbers on our aerial tree obstacle course. Face the challenges together and rally those around you. Our treetop obstacle courses are perfect for team bonding and spending quality time with your friends and family. We here at The Adventure Park are all about team spirit!

If you lose your balance or are uncertain about taking the next step, rest assured there’ll be someone to lend a helping hand. Likewise, if you’re the daredevil, try encouraging someone who’s feeling a little less brave than you.

You’ll Have So Much Fun

Most importantly, you’ll have fun. Let your inner child run free up on our outdoor tree obstacle course. Every adult who visits us leaves as a big kid. Your adrenaline will be pumping, but savor every moment! You’ll make memories to look back on with those you shared the experience with.

After Your Climb

You’ll Feel the Burn

Once your feet are firmly back on the ground, you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement! It takes strength and determination to master our tree-to-tree obstacle courses.

You’ll be buzzing from the thrill, but expect to feel the burn the next day. Our tree climbing obstacle courses aren’t just a mental challenge – they’re a physical one too! They test your stamina, balance and all-around dexterity. Not to mention all the muscles you’ll be strengthening too.

If you love the workout our outdoor tree obstacle courses give you, remember our Parks are great for staying fit. You can come back anytime with a membership season pass. You’ll have unlimited access and benefit from a range of other perks too, including $25 admission for up to 6 guests. Use the Park as your personal gym!

You’re Welcome to Stay Onsite

You don’t need to rush off after your climb. You’re always welcome to stay a little longer! We’ve got a whole host of other activities you can add on to your day.

If you’re up for something different, we have special axe-throwing lanes in Nashville, TN and our two Connecticut locations in Bridgeport and Storrs. Book your 60-minute session to practice your throwing arm and play some axe-throwing games (our personal favorite is “Humans vs. Zombies”). You’ll soon get the hang of it.

We also host Firepit Fridays at The Adventure Parks at Nashville, Storrs, Long Island and the Discovery Museum (Bridgeport. CT). Purchase your Firepit Friday package tickets for two hours of climbing and a chance to unwind around one of our relaxing campfires. No doubt your legs will need a rest. Plus, we’ve got plenty of tasty s’mores to go around.

Alternatively, you can simply wander around our grounds or check out the goodies and souvenirs in our park store. Any non-climbing guests are free to enjoy our parks free-of-charge too. We don’t want anyone missing out.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our outdoor tree obstacle courses. We can’t wait to see you!

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