The Top Things to Do in Virginia Beach With Kids

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Kids activities in Virginia Beach aren’t too hard to come by. Our vibrant coastal city is thriving with exciting things to do and see—including plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep everyone entertained on weekdays, weekends, and during the warmer months of summer break.

We love how Virginia Beach is a playground for families looking to make memories. Whether it’s a fun afternoon on the sands or a day out at The Adventure Park, rest assured there are plenty of unique kids activities to choose from in Virginia Beach.

So without further ado, let’s look at the top things to do in Virginia Beach with kids at our own action-packed Adventure Park—including having a children’s birthday party right here in Virginia Beach.

No doubt it’ll be your little one’s best birthday party yet!

#1 Take on the Challenges of Our Treetop Courses

Let’s start with one of the very top things to do In Virginia Beach with kids: take on the exciting challenges of our aerial treetop courses.

We’re firm believers that there’s a brave tree climber lurking inside all of us, and here at The Adventure Park, you can hone in on your wild side with an adventure through one of our many color-coded courses.

If you have a family member who may be more hesitant than others, we’ve got you covered. Each course is coded according to difficulty, so your kiddos can take on the one that’s most suited to their abilities. For example, if your oldest teenager is experienced and feeling fearless, then the Double-Black trail can push them to the very edge of their strength and agility. But if your youngest family member needs easing into the challenges, then the shorter platforms of the Purple trail might be a better fit.

So whether your kids are adventurous daredevils or need a little nudge, rest assured there’s a trail that matches what they need to enjoy themselves—but also test new levels of their bravery.

Plus, our staff is always on hand below when someone needs some guidance. Their climbing expertise and friendly smiles are just what you need to get you from platform to platform safely and happily.

#2 Explore the Glowing Trees in the Dark

Next on our list of kids activities in Virginia Beach is something our regulars love to come back to time and time again—our Glow in the Park events. In fact, tickets to these late-night events sell out fast, so make sure you get yours quickly if you don’t want you and your little ones missing out.

What Is Glow in the Park?

Glow in the Park is one of our special nighttime events that everyone is invited to! You’ll climb our various treetop courses as we light up the forest with spectacular displays of multicolored LEDs and fairy lights. And with music blasting through the speakers, these events are an entirely new sensory experience you can all enjoy together as a family. We also theme each night, so look out for the one that excites you most—from country night to EDM.

We think Glow in the Park is the perfect Virginia Beach family night-out for kids—just as long as you’re okay with them staying up past their bedtime. Trust us, parents, it’s worth it!

#3 Learn and Play With Our STEM Adventures

Whoever said kids activities in Virginia Beach had to be all fun and no learning? Here at The Adventure Park, your little one can take part in an educational experience that doesn’t feel like learning at all. Our STEM programs invite kids on an interactive adventure through our Park and combine the thrills of the aerial courses along with some STEM lessons.

H ow Do Our STEM Programs Work?

The programs are made up of three classes, each one focused on specific STEM topics around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The lessons are hands-on and aim to put every concept kids learn into action as they make their way through the areas of the Park and take on different experiments.

Some of the class topics they’ll learn about include:

  • Flora and fauna
  • Gravity, force and speed
  • And so much more

Please note participants must be aged 10+, and the current price is $198 for a 3-class session.

Interested? Find out more or book your session now!

#4 Celebrate a Special Birthday

Some of the top things to do in Virginia Beach are worthy enough for a special occasion or a big birthday bash—including a celebration here at The Adventure Park.

We’ve hosted all sorts of children’s birthday parties in Virginia Beach, from 8-year-old parties full of eager mini adventurers to older teens looking for a cool day out with their pals. Bringing joy, laughter and excitement to your big day is what we do best.

To make the preparations as easy as possible, we offer special birthday packages that include:

  • Two hours of climbing and ziplining on our courses
  • A gift for the birthday guest of honor
  • Full safety briefing and practice time for everyone who’s climbing
  • A reserved picnic table in our best spot
  • Goodie bags for your guests (for an additional fee)

There’s also no charge for non-climbers who want to come along and hang out on our grounds—so that means family members can come to spectate or a friend who doesn’t want to get left behind can join in the fun once everyone’s back on the ground.

Need help planning your party? We have a host of special birthday event planners on hand ready to start planning the best party ever. So get in touch!

Visit Our Park for a Range of Virginia Beach Kids Activities

Looking for a family day out that’ll beat the summer boredom? Want to start planning a children’s birthday party in Virginia Beach? We’ve got you covered! Choose from our range of kids activities you can take part in right here on our grounds.

Planning a special occasion of 10 or more guests? We can save you money! Check our group ticket rates. Or if you want to make it a regular outing, we also have “Adventure Anytime” season passes. These membership packages give you unlimited climbing for 365 days.

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today! 

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