7 Things to Look For in an Open-Air Adventure Park

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Have you visited one of our open-air Adventure Parks lately? They’re packed with all sorts of fun for the whole family to have! But what is an open-air Adventure Park, exactly? And what sort of action-packed thrills can be had?

To give you some insights into what you can expect from your day here at our outdoor Adventure Park, we’ve got a full rundown of 7 things to look for in an open-air Adventure Park like ours.

7 Things Every Open-Air Adventure Park Needs (Including Ours)

What are some must-haves for every open-air Adventure Park like ours? 

#1 Endless Trees to Climb

First things first—an open-air Adventure Park needs a forest full of trees for you to climb.

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for an adventure in the trees? We’re the perfect choice for a day out enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature. Arrive with a willingness to learn, and you’ll soon be swinging from tree to tree on our aerial treetop courses.

Our outdoor Adventure Parks are good for the public, community and environment.

We Have a Variety of Course Levels

Don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous. We have experiences built for all ages and tree-climbing capabilities. Our courses are color-coded according to difficulty, meaning there’s a course suitable for everyone no matter whether you’re a courageous expert or a novice beginner.

#2 Plenty of Elements and Challenges to Take On

What elements and challenges make up the courses of our outdoor Adventure Parks?

We think our Parks are a step up from traditional ropes courses and ziplines. When you enter our Parks, look up! You’ll see a series of treetop platforms all connected by cables and ropes to form bridges.

After choosing the aerial trail you want to take on first, you’ll climb up a ladder and navigate from one platform to another, crossing bridges, ziplines and other unique challenge elements.

#3 A Safety System You Can Rely On

Next up on our list of things you should find at every open-air Adventure Park is a safety system you can trust. At our outdoor Adventure Parks, we use LockD Clips.

LockD Clips is our double-connected, “always-locked-on” climbing system that keeps your climbing harness attached to the safety line at all times.

You will also receive a complete safety orientation before your climb. Check out our full guide on zipline safety. It’s packed with our very best tips and tricks for staying safe up in the trees.

#4 Friendly Staff You Can Rely On

Our treetop courses are intentionally designed for self-discovery. You’re in charge as you navigate yourself from platform to platform. However, rest assured we do also have Park Monitors ready to assist you whenever you need them.

Every staff member in our team is super helpful and friendly. There’s always someone on hand down below when you need some words of advice or encouragement. You can even hire a personal guide to instruct you if you think you’ll need an extra hand.

Remember, there’s no need to be nervous here with us! Simply call “STAFF!” and someone will be over in a flash to help you from down below.

#5 A Shop Full of Goodies and Essentials

Forgotten something? Our open-air Adventure Parks have an on-site gift shop packed with essentials like gloves (which we highly recommend) and post-climb snacks to re-energize after your tough workout!

Just remember to bring some cash or a credit card with you. Check out our full checklist on how to get ready for your day here at our outdoor Adventure Park.

#6 A Place to Sit and Relax Afterwards

You don’t need to rush off after your climb. Make the most of your day by exploring our grounds or relaxing by our picnic tables, which you can reserve if you’d like to enjoy a bite to eat before you head home.

After all, everyone will be feeling a little tired after their workout in the trees—so make sure you’ve planned food and drink. Hungry mouths must be fed!

Also note that admission is free for non-climbing guests. Anyone can join and watch from the ground or wander our forests enjoying the fresh air.

#7 Plenty of Extra-Fun to Be Had

Not all open-air Adventure Parks are like ours. We’ve got a few extra activities for you to try out…


How about trying your hand at axe-throwing? You get a 60-minute time slot including a full briefing by an instructor who’ll teach you everything you need to know—safety, technique and a few axe-throwing games.

Just be aware that the minimum age for axe-throwing is 12+ years. It’s available at the following Parks:

Glow in the Park

Up for taking on the treetop challenges after dark? Discover more about our Glow in the Park events—your chance to enjoy the Park at night! We transform the entire forest into a magical party of multi-colored LED lights and music pumping through speakers–anything from ultra-cheese pop to banging EDM.

Find the nearest Park, and book your slots quickly because tickets sell out fast!

Book Your Outdoor Adventure Park Experience With Us

Ready to take on the challenges of our open-air Adventure Park? Get started by exploring and selecting your nearest Park location:

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any queries. Alternatively, you can visit our Help Center. We look forward to seeing you in the trees soon!

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today!

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