Get Ready for Your Park Adventure: the Ultimate Checklist

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Are you excited to join us for a thrilling day ziplining and climbing through the trees? Do you feel ready and prepared for the big day? We hope so.

If not, no need to worry. We want you to enjoy your day to the max without any hiccups. So here’s our ultimate checklist for making sure you don’t forget anything important!

1. Book a Reservation: Put It in Your Calendar

First things first, go to our website and select your desired location. Then choose your ticket type:

Special events tickets may be available as well, so check the Hours and Calendar page for your Park location.

Reservations are highly recommended, so book yours here. Once you purchase a ticket, you’ll get a confirmation email.

Remember to put your date in whatever form of calendar you use. Exciting times are ahead!

2. Hire A Guide: if You’d Like One

Our Parks are designed to be self-guided, so you can go at your own pace. However, if you’d feel more comfortable with a guide to show you the way, you can hire one.

3. Sign the Waiver: You Can’t Climb Without it

Every guest needs to sign a waiver before their climb. You’ll receive a waiver link on your confirmation email, so sign it electronically or print it out and sign it. If you sign it before you enter the Park, you’ll save some time. Read more about signing the waiver.

4. Check the Weather: We Have a Cancellation Policy for Bad Weather

Check what the local weather will be like as the day gets closer. A dry day may be preferable, but sometimes storms happen. If the unforeseen weather does spoil the party, we do have a flexible cancellation policy in place. You can choose to postpone your climb and “bank” the payment for a later day.

5. Watch Our Prep Videos: Fun Tips

Make sure you pre-watch our safety briefing videos before you arrive. It’s best to come knowing what you’ve got to look forward to, so check out the “Pop Goes the Tweezle” and “What to Expect” videos beforehand. They’re short, sweet and fun. You can also check out our details on Course Difficulty Levels to familiarize yourself with our trail options ahead of time.

6. Select Your Outfit: Clothes that Are Comfortable for Climbing

You don’t want the wrong type of clothes to dampen your experience, so select a suitable outfit that’s 100% comfortable for climbing. We suggest a top that allows you to move freely and bottoms that allow the harness to fit around your waist and legs properly. Closed-toe shoes are required. Check out our blog post for more information on what’s best to wear during your climb.

7. Bring Gloves: We Sell Them if You Forget

We highly recommend wearing protective gloves for the most comfortable experience. Gloves make it easier for you to grip ropes, and they’ll also prevent any unwanted skin irritations.

We encourage you to bring your own along with you, but don’t worry if you forget. We sell them in our gift store.

8. Make Sure You Secure Your Belongings: We Don’t Want You to Lose Any Valuables

You’ll be very active while you’re swinging and climbing through our obstacle courses, so your belongings need to be secured. Make sure you have zip-up pockets on your tops or bottoms, because we don’t want you losing or breaking your belongings!

9. Get the Right Directions: Check Out Our Location Pages

Arrive on time by pre-planning your journey to our Adventure Parks. Double-check the directions before you set off by visiting the location page. You’ll find directions that tell you the best way to get there, depending on which way you’re coming from. Drive safe and set off with plenty of time to spare.

10. Pack a Snack: for a Post-Climb Treat

You’ll probably be hungry after your climbing session, so bring along a snack with you as a post-climb treat. Our adventure courses are a tough workout, so make it a tasty and nutritious snack that boosts your energy.

We also have picnic tables for you to enjoy before or after your climb. So feel free to bring along your own delicious food to eat. Please note that the only food and drink option at The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is our designated caterer.

11. Bring Some Money: We Have a Gift Shop Full of Goodies

Don’t worry if you forget to bring a snack from home, we have a whole gift shop full of goodies! Just remember to bring some cash or a credit card with you. We don’t want you going hungry.

12. Bring a Water Bottle: Hydration Is Important

Hydration is an absolute must during your day here, so remember a water bottle. You’ll certainly need your thirst quenched after a hard session on the ropes. We have hydration stations throughout the Park to help you stay hydrated.

Book Your Adventure Today

Don’t forget to bring a sense of adventure as well for a day full of thrills, fun and laughter. We have a variety of Adventure Parks around the country, so find a location that’s nearest to you. We have the very best climbing, ziplining and axe-throwing adventures waiting for you!

Buy your tickets here.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Just make sure you follow our ultimate checklist before your visit. We want everything to run smoothly for your day here with us.

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Choose your Park location and book your adventure today!

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