Adult Adventure Park Activities: 6 Fun Things to Do

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Who said playtime was just for kids? We here at The Adventure Park believe people of any age deserve a recess.

In fact, a little downtime is essential for us adults. An action-packed or relaxing activity is a respite from any adult worries we might have. Sometimes you just need time to take your mind off your worries and put your energy into something exciting, and that’s where our Adventure Park comes to the rescue!

We have various outdoor activities for adults to enjoy in our Parks. From swinging on our ziplines to unwinding around our bonfires, we have something for all adults. Whether you love the peace and quiet of a stroll through nature or want to hear the adrenaline screams of something more thrilling, rest assured a day at our Park is a day well spent.

Let’s look at seven different adult adventure park activities you can enjoy here with us. It’s time you have some fun too, adult adventurers!

#1 Test Your Inner Tree-Climber

The majority of our visitors come to experience our aerial trails. We invite you to take on the treetop challenges and test your inner tree-climber. There’s one lurking inside all of us!

You can choose from various color-coded trails, all specially designed according to difficulty. This means there’s a challenge for all adults, no matter your age or tree-climbing ability. You don’t need to be an acrobat. Just come with a willingness to try!

Rest assured that our attentive team members are there to lend a helping hand on your adult quest. You can also hire a personal guide to work closely with you and instruct you through the trails. They’ll get you from platform to platform with ease. No one should feel overwhelmingly nervous or hesitant here at The Adventure Park. We’ve got your back!

#2 Play Like a Big Kid Once Again

Our treetop trails are a chance to play as a carefree kid once again. There’s something wonderfully pure about adventuring through our trees. It’s like you’ve rewound time to the joys, wonders and excitement of childhood.

The adult adventure park trails are a series of platforms connected by all sorts of ropes, wires, bridges and ziplines. Dare yourself to climb up and take on the various challenges of the adult quest! We promise you’ll feel a great sense of achievement once your feet are firmly back on the ground. You’ll want to do it all over again.

#3 Impress Your Date and Showcase Your Bravery

Are you bored of the same old dinner and drinks date night? The Adventure Park is a unique adult date night idea to surprise your partner with. Whether you’re impressing a new crush or celebrating an anniversary, visit our Park to take on the treetop challenges together. There’ll be no awkward silences, just laughter and screams!

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a spot of romantic rivalry. So who will reign supreme as the better, braver tree-climber? Go find out.

#4 Climb in the Dark at our Glow in the Park Events

Adult adventurers also love our Glow in the Park events. Even once dusk settles, we stay open so the night owls can enjoy a late-night climb. We also transform the forestry into a magical, musical spectacle with colorful LED light displays and speakers pumping all sorts of themed music. The atmosphere is unbeatable!

These tickets sell out super fast, so don’t miss out. Glow in the Park is available at Long Island, Virginia Beach, Nashville, Fairfield County and Storrs locations. Find a location nearest to you for more information.

#5 Relax Around our Firepit Friday Campfires

Sometimes the best outdoor activities for adults are relaxing ones. You don’t need to be moving fast or jumping high to be having fun. That’s why we host our very own Firepit Fridays with two hours of climbing and then a chance to relax around our campfires with your fellow climbers. You can share stories, sing campfire songs or simply lie back and rest your feet for a while. We adults certainly need a rest after an exhausting climb, so be sure to unwind around the fire before you head home. There’s a gooey s’mores or two with your name on it too!

Firepit Fridays are super popular, so grab your package tickets ASAP. We’re currently running the event at The Adventure Parks at Nashville, Storrs, Long Island and the Discovery Museum (Bridgeport. CT).

#6 Take a Walk Around Our Grounds

A visit to our adult Adventure Park wouldn’t be complete without a walk around the grounds. We love the forestry that surrounds our various trails. That’s why we invite you to wander through the Park and take in the sights and sounds of mother nature. A relaxing stroll is just what you need to settle your pre-climb nerves or walk off your post-climb adrenaline.

Even the non-climbing guests in your party have full access to our grounds. They’re more than welcome to watch on from below or freely explore our site free of charge while the rest of you climb. We don’t want anyone missing out!

Choose The Adventure Park for a Variety of Outdoor Activities for Adults

Looking for fun, action-packed outdoor activities for adults? Visit the Adventure Park. Our range of activities will keep you here for hours! We’re an adventure park for adults (and kids) designed to make you feel like you’re a kid again. It’s time us adults get some well-needed playtime too.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our outdoor activities for adults. We can’t wait to see you.

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit our Park location and book your adventure today! 

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