Get Outside with Kids’ Ziplines and Climbing Fun

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Are your kids itching to play outside? Treat them to a special day of high-energy fun and lots of cheers at The Adventure Park, where we have ziplines for kids incorporated into our outdoor climbing structures. Book a fun-filled experience for everyone! Watch as they conquer our kids’ zipline and climbing aerial courses with determination in their eyes and bravery in their step.

To help experience the outdoors, take them to the best kids’ zipline and climbing park: The Adventure Park! Let’s take a look at all the ways your little ones can enjoy The Adventure Park experience, including taking on our outdoor climbing structures and soaring through our ziplines for kids.

Options for All Ages

Your local Adventure Park isn’t just for adults. We have options for all kids of all ages. So rest assured there’s five-star fun to be had for the entire family.

Our Aerial Treetop Courses

Our Parks have smaller treetop courses for younger kids (either starting at age 5 or 7, depending on the Park location).

  • Kids can swing along our exhilarating aerial courses packed with treetop challenges, climbing ropes and kids ziplines.
  • The courses are color-coded based on difficulty. Any child of any ability will find the right challenge for them, whether they’re a hesitant beginner or a mini adrenaline-junkie! Learn more about our ropes course levels.
  • General admission tickets vary depending on age. Find your nearest Park to browse available dates.

And don’t worry about the little ones—our Park staff man all of our courses from the ground, so your kids will never feel alone when navigating our outdoor climbing structures. Our staff is there to help whenever assistance is needed!

Our Adventure Playground (Ages 3-6)

At some locations, we have a mini Adventure Playground for little ones aged 3-6 to enjoy. The playground contains smaller kids’ climbing structures that are specially designed for little adventurers. As a scaled-down version of our bigger aerial courses, the Adventure Playground makes sure no kid misses out on all the fun and prepares them for the big courses in the future.

Birthday Parties

We host kids’ birthdays at our Parks, where kids can enjoy the mini Adventure Playground and a party area. Guests can enjoy hours of playtime, and then fuel up with some well-needed food and drinks at our picnic tables. Read more about how you can plan birthday celebrations with us.

Great Physical Exercise: Get Them Moving

Our kids’ ziplines and outdoor climbing structures are the perfect way to get kids moving. It’s time to unplug game consoles and switch off tablets. Combine adventure with hard work by navigating your way through the treetop challenges. It’s a unique workout disguised as fun! Our adventure courses have unexpected health benefits like:

  • Getting an all-around physical challenge. Regular climbs will help kids grow stronger and fitter. Plus the aerial challenges improve motor skills such as coordination and balance.
  • Breathing in the fresh air of our forestry is a natural stress reliever. Your kids’ mood will be boosted as they work out alongside the beauty of mother nature.

Great Mental Challenge: Watch Them Learn and Conquer

Our kids’ zipline and climbing structures are a mental challenge as much as they’re a physical one. You can watch them learn and grow as they smash their way through the age-appropriate challenges. Parents will find it fascinating to watch their little ones discover their capabilities.

Conquering their fears promotes happy and healthy development. So encourage self-confidence and watch as they strengthen their resilience and become braver with every step they take.

An Educational Kid Playground: Our STEM Opportunities

At The Adventure Park, we’re big on inspiring kids to become the brightest versions of themselves. That’s why we host our very own STEM program that takes all-important learning to brand new heights. Our outdoor STEM activities involve:

  • Three classes based on science, technology, engineering and math. We bring what we teach to life up in the trees on the kids ziplines and climbing ropes.
  • We offer hands-on interactivity to encourage full participation and critical thinking. Our experienced and passionate course leaders know how to apply STEM topics to real-life concepts.

Please note that our STEM program is only available for kids aged 10+. Our sessions fill up fast too, so book asap. Any child with a curious mind, an eagerness to learn, and a sense of adventure will love getting involved. Learn more about our program.

Big Kids: Join in the Fun

What’s stopping you from joining in the fun too? The Adventure Park is a fantastic family day out. Our ziplines for kids, incorporated into our climbing trails, are actually for adults too, so take to the skies with your little ones. Our treetop courses aren’t just kid playgrounds, they’re the perfect place for bonding as a family unit. So become a big kid for the day.

If you do leave it to the little ones, don’t worry. Any non-climbers can still watch from below and enjoy the Park free of charge. Just check out our course level details to determine which courses kids can climb alone.

Book Your Kids’ Zipline and Climbing Experience Today!

Our ziplines for kids, interspersed with our climbing trails, are the perfect adventure experience. The Adventure Park is waiting to inspire and encourage everyone. Growth and strength-building happen all the time up in our trees! Whether you book a STEM program or simply enjoy a family day out, we’re ready to welcome you.

Check out our location pages to find out when you can visit your local Park. It’s always best to book sooner rather than later to secure your spot.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how your mini adventurer can enjoy our kids’ ziplines and climbing structures. We look forward to having your little climbers join in the fun!

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Choose your Park location and book your adventure today!

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