Planning an Adventure for Your Bachelorette or Bachelor Party in Nashville

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Are you the dedicated party planner for a bachelorette or bachelor party in Nashville? If so, we’ve got a few things you need to know. So listen up, party planners!

You can plan a more exciting and interesting party than the standard options—one that will rev up your adventurous spirit. What you do and where you go is up to the all-important guest of honor, but we say plan an adventurous bachelorette or bachelor party in Nashville that leaves you with smiles and not a pounding head the next morning.

So, how do you throw the ultimate adventurous bachelorette or bachelor party that doesn’t revolve around just cork popping? Here’s our complete guide.

Why Should You Choose a Party at The Adventure Park?

Everyone deserves to have a bachelorette or bachelor party of their dreams. It’s the ultimate initiation into marriage that gives you one last chance to celebrate as a single woman or man. Rather than the typical party options, think outside the box to plan a party that’s different from everyone else’s!

Give the thrill-seeker inside of you a chance to have some fun. Here’s why The Adventure Park is the perfect place to do so:

  1. Our treetop adventure courses are a great alternative to an ordinary night-out! Surprise everyone by planning something unexpected!
  2. It’s a way to bond and come together as a party of excited wedding-goers. Everyone learns something new about themselves up in our trees.
  3. You can always head out for dinner and drinks afterwards. We’re sure you’ll have a lot of funny post-climb stories to reminisce about!

No matter what adventure you choose, there are six things you need to remember when planning your Nashville bachelorette or bachelor party.

#1 Choose the Best Activity

First things first: you need to decide on an activity. Thankfully there’s plenty of things to do in Nashville for a bachelorette or bachelor party. There’s both indoor activities (like escape rooms or rock climbing) and outdoor activities (like rafting or paintballing) to choose from, so think about what the bride or groom-to-be will enjoy most. It’s all about getting into an adrenaline-filled activity that you can have fun with.

What Can You Expect From Your Day Here?

Here at The Adventure Park at Nashville, you can swap your party hat for a helmet up on our treetop adventure trails. We think our local park is one of the best destinations for a Nashville bachelorette or bachelor party simply because we see how much fun our guests have!

When you arrive, we’ll provide you with equipment and give you a full safety briefing about what to do up in our trees. You’ll then take to the skies as the courageous tree-climbers we know you are, where you can expect rope swings, climbing bridges and exhilarating ziplines.

Our courses are self-guided, but you can hire a guide if any of your party guests need some extra encouragement! Our team knows how to make your party extra special, so feel free to give us a call or send an email to find out more about how we can help.

#2 Choose the Right Time and Day

Before you book your visit, you also need to choose the right time and day. Take a look at the upcoming calendar for The Adventure Park at Nashville to find a date that suits your party planning.

How About Our Firepit Fridays?

The twinkling lights and after-hours fun of our Firepit Fridays are a fantastic option for your Nashville bachelorette or bachelor party. Finish your evening climb and then unwind at our cozy campfires to enjoy a hot warming beverage and some tasty s’mores. Check out our events calendar for dates and details.

#3 Write Up Your Guest List

Once you’ve decided on the where’s and when’s, it’s time to think about the whos. Organizing the guest list can be hectic with your party-goers likely flying in from all over the country. So always send out your final invitations asap!

Our treetop courses here at Nashville are suitable for ages 7+, and we have color-coded trails for all abilities too. We want all of the party guests to feel ready and willing to take on the challenges.

What About Guests Who Don’t Want to Climb?

Since adventurous bachelorette or bachelor parties are more active and hands-on, you might also want to think about who might need to sit certain activities out or take things easier. We offer free entry to our grounds for non-participant guests. We’re all about being inclusive! You can learn more about the group package options we offer here too. Take a look at our park rules to make sure our awaiting adventures are suitable for your guest list.

#4 Tell Your Guests What to Expect

After finalizing the guest list, it’s time to send out the invitations. The invites should have all the details your guests need to ensure the day or night runs smoothly for everyone, especially seeing as it’s an adventure-packed party with special requirements. So, what information should be included?

  • Dress code – Any outdoorsy activity will usually require casual and comfortable attire, so make sure your guests know what to wear. (Read more on what’s best to wear at our parks.)
  • Directions – Your guests need directions on how to find your destination, especially if you’re a large group and traveling separately. (You can find our directions here.)
  • What to bring – To make sure all guests don’t forget anything important, tell them about every essential they need to bring. For adventurous activities like ours, you’ll likely need to bring plenty of water and maybe a post-exercise snack.

#5 Think About What You’ll Eat and Drink

Making sure the party guests don’t go hungry or thirsty is one of the most important aspects of planning a bachelorette or bachelor party in Nashville. Providing plenty of food and drink is especially important at an action-packed adventurous party. A big day of energetic activities requires some wholesome food and drink to fill any hungry stomachs.

We have various catering options here at The Adventure Park, Nashville. You can choose to bring in your own food and set up a banquet at our picnic tables or feel free to order in from a local restaurant. Please note that we don’t allow alcohol at the Park.

#6 Make the Final Party Preparations and Get Excited!

As the party date approaches, the last thing on your to-do list is to get excited! We’re sure you’ve already ticked off the list of tasks and priorities, so now it’s time to make the final preparations (including telling the bride or groom what they’re doing if it’s a surprise!)

Please note that The Adventure Park also has a weather cancellation policy that allows you to postpone your visit and bank your payment for a future climbing date. So if the weather means some of the guests can’t make it, simply give us a call or fill out the online form. We’ve always got your back!

Choose The Adventure Park For Your Big Send-Off!

The Adventure Park at Nashville is here for you. We’d be happy to help host the once-in-a-life-time party for the special bride- or groom-to-be and their guests.

We suggest you book sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on a spot! Contact us if you have any questions.

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit our Park location and book your adventure today!

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