Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing at The Adventure Parks in Nashville and Connecticut

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Are you looking for something new to do? Maybe trying a new activity outdoors while soaking up the sun? Well, we have just the thing for you: axe throwing. We’re excited to offer our guests a new axe-throwing activity at our Adventures Parks in Nashville, TN and our two Connecticut locations in Bridgeport and Storrs. Besides being a fun activity and a great way to blow off steam, axe-throwing has several health benefits. Read on to learn more about it and what we offer our guests.

What Is Axe Throwing?

Axes have been around since the Middle Ages as a weapon and a tool. The sport of axe throwing began with loggers and lumberjack competitions in the 1800s. Recently, axe throwing has become a popular recreational and competitive activity, and a number of establishments have opened to serve this market with axe-throwing competitions and leagues.

The goal of axe throwing is to throw an axe overhead, either with one or two hands, and try to hit a wooden target’s bullseye. You have “lanes” that are caged in with protective materials like aluminum fencing, so you’re protected from other throwers.

5 Health Benefits of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has several health benefits.

#1 Relieves Stress

Let’s face it – we can all use ways of relieving stress. And there’s something very satisfying about focusing on your goal, aiming, throwing and hearing that crunch of the blade hitting the target.

#2 Provides a Good Workout

You work out the obvious muscles, which are your arms and shoulders. However, you also work out your core while you’re balancing and throwing. Your calves and hamstrings also get a workout as you lift when you throw.

#3 Works Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Axe throwing is similar to other sports like golf and pool, in which you have a target that you’re trying to hit. It takes a combination of your focus and your body aiming for that target.

#4 Provides Bonding Time

Whether you’ve done axe throwing before or not, you’ll connect with your friends or family in a new way, from laughing as your axe bounces off the target to getting into the competitive spirit. It’s a fun and different way to spend time with others.

#5 Gets You Outside

Axe-throwing facilities are oftentimes located indoors. However, at The Adventure Parks in Nashville and Connecticut, our activities are outside, so you can enjoy all the fun while being in the fresh air.

Are You New to Axe Throwing?

If so, don’t worry. In no time, you’ll get the hang of it. At The Adventure Park, our employees are there to introduce you to the sport and give you tips to get you started. You’ll be in a “lane” with protection around you, so you don’t need to worry about getting hit.

Challenge Your Friends to New Games

Yes, one of the well-known things to do is to aim for the bullseye. However, the target also has numbers and “kill shots” (colored circles), so you can play a variety of games. One of our favorites is Humans vs. Zombies, where the humans on the team try to reach +15 points and the zombies try to reach -15 points. Read more about 5 games you can play.

Axe Throwing at Our Parks

We’re thrilled to be able to offer our guests axe throwing at our Nashville and Connecticut parks. And, we’re happy to say that we’re the only Parks in these towns that offer outdoor axe throwing! You can breathe in the fresh air, socially distance and have a blast throwing axes.

Here’s how it works. Each of the three axe-throwing lanes is set up with social distancing protocols in mind. You can rent a lane in 60-minute increments with a maximum of 5 participants per lane. Axe-throwing participants must be age 12 or older, and participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who’s also a participant. You can also book axe throwing for private parties of up to 25 people. An axe-throwing coach gets groups started and is available for help and throwing tips. Reservations are required for any axe-throwing activity.

You can choose to do axe throwing as an add-on to our Park’s ziplining and ropes courses or you can do it as a standalone activity.

Learn More and Make a Reservation

The Adventure Park currently offers axe throwing at our Nashville and two Connecticut locations. To learn more about axe throwing, check out our website:

The Adventure Park at Nashville, TN

The Adventure Park at Storrs, CT

The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT

We hope to see you soon!

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