An Adventure Guide: How to Enjoy Your Treetop Adventures to the Fullest

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Hey there, adventurers! If you’re itching for an adrenaline rush and a day of family fun, look no further than our treetop adventures. Prepare to swing, climb, and zip your way through our canopies for an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you wanting more.

To help you get the most out of your day here with us, we’ve written this ultimate guide. We’ll show you what to expect from our events and share some handy tips for making your day soar to new heights.

Your treetop adventures await!

Who are our treetop adventures for?

Pretty much anyone up for a thrilling adventure! Our treetop adventure parks are the ultimate playground for mini adventurers and grown-ups, whether you’re a family, a group of pals, or even flying solo. 

There’s no better place for a treetop family adventure. All climbers aged 7 and over can take to our high ropes courses (and our Discovery and Virginia Parks allow kids ages 5+). Plus some of our parks are also home to a mini Adventure Playground designed for little ones aged 3-6. They’re simply a smaller version of our larger aerial courses packed with mini climbing structures, so every child can come along for the adventure.   

The following park locations have mini Adventure Playgrounds: Long Island, Nashville, and Storrs, CT.

Pick from color-coded courses

Whether you’re a high ropes course master or it’s your very first climb, rest assured there’s a treetop adventure with your name on it. 

With distinct color-coded trails – spanning from beginner courses like the purple trail (gentler and closer to the ground) to the most advanced like the double-black (the most exhilarating challenge).

What can you experience at our treetop adventure parks?

Our treetop adventure parks offer a unique kind of recreation. There’s nothing like a day at The Adventure Park – and that goes for the climbing adventure up on our high ropes courses or one of our special events…

Climbing our trails

Opt for a three-hour General Admission or an All Day Adventure climbing experience among our treetop adventure courses. We’ve also got a discounted Last Call two-hour option at the end of the day, if you are looking for a great deal on your visit!

As you explore the canopies, you’ll journey across a network of elevated and interconnected platforms linked by cables, bridges, wooden structures, ropes, and thrilling zip lines. Each platform presents a unique challenge – giving you a chance to wield your tree-climbing prowess and navigate from one challenge to the next. 

The trails are also designed for your self-discovery: inviting you to take a leap of faith and conquer your fears. 

Glow in the Park

Looking for a unique night out? Round up your family and friends for a special evening at one of our Glow in the Park events. We illuminate our trees with vibrant lights, creating a dazzling experience as you take on the trails under a starry sky.

And to add to the fun, we crank up the tunes from treetop speakers so you’ve got a musical backdrop soundtracking your nighttime climb. Expect all sorts of genres from 80s power ballads to pumping EDM.

All five of our Park locations hold Glow in the Park events: Long Island, Nashville, Fairfield County, Virginia Beach, and Storrs

Firepit Fridays 

As a treat for conquering your chosen treetop adventure course, why not stick around for a while and make the most of our cozy firepits? Firepit Friday events invite you to gather with your fellow climbers and simply relax around the blazing, crackling pits.

Share your experiences, sing a campfire song, and tuck into some smores while soaking up the nighttime forest vibes.

Join us for Firepit Fridays at The Adventure Parks in Nashville, Storrs, Long Island, and the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT! 

Don’t wait too long to secure your spot, as our Firepit Friday events are in high demand. Reserve your tickets here today

Tips for enjoying your treetop adventures to the fullest

#1 Dress comfortably and layer up

Check the weather before your big day and wear clothing suitable for the upcoming rain or shine (layers are recommended if it’s chilly). Closed-toe shoes are a must too!

Check out our full guide on what to wear here. 

#2 Pack a bag 

Make sure to pack all your adventure essentials: an extra layer, protective gloves, a post-climb snack, and a bottle of water. Our treetop adventures can be thirsty work! 

We’ve written an ultimate checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. But don’t worry if you do — we’ve got on-site gift stores for the essentials.

#3 Listen to our Staff

Our Park Monitors are your best pals here. Pay close attention to their safety instructions and tips during the briefing, that’ll take place shortly after your arrival. They know the ropes like the back of their hands, so take in all of their wisdom if you want to master the high ropes courses like a pro!

#4 Embrace the challenge

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. If you’re nervous about a particular obstacle, take a deep breath, focus, and go for it. The sense of accomplishment once you’re back on solid ground is second to none!

And if you need a hand — just shout “STAFF”. Someone will be over in a flash to guide you through or offer some words of encouragement. 

#5 Capture the moments

Bring a camera or smartphone to remember your epic moments forever. As long as your phone is secured you can take snaps up in the trees, or take a group photo when you’re back on the ground.

Non-climbers are welcome to take snaps from down below too. In fact, they’re free to enjoy our woodland grounds, completely free of charge. We don’t want anyone missing out on the treetop family adventures — even if they’re not ready to climb up themselves.

#7 High-five yourself (and others!)

Once you’ve conquered every challenge, give yourself a high-five — you’ve earned it!

Harness the magic of teamwork as you spur each other on, and hold out a helping hand to anyone in need of a confidence boost. Embrace those butterflies and most importantly, have an absolute blast!

Visit Our Adventure Park!

Planning an adventure with a group of 10 or more? Our group ticket rates are great. And if you’re thinking of turning your adventure day into a cherished tradition, take a look at our ‘Adventure Anytime’ Season Passes. Memberships unlock an entire year of limitless climbing – that’s 365 days of pure fun!

No matter who’s in your crew, when you intend to visit, or whether you want to experience one of our events as a side quest, rest assured the perfect deal is waiting for you on our tickets page.

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