How to Throw an Axe: Axe-Throwing Tips and Tricks

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Want to learn how to throw an axe? Good news! We have three Adventure Park locations that offer exciting axe-throwing activities for you to try out: in Nashville, TN and our two Connecticut locations in Bridgeport and Storrs.

We understand that axe-throwing is an unusual kind of activity, so we’ll never throw you in at the deep end without showing you the ropes first. So if you’re worried that you won’t get the hang of it, let’s ease those concerns with some of our best axe-throwing tips and tricks.

You’ll be surprised how easy it can be once you’ve mastered the axe-throwing techniques!

How It Works

Want to give it a try? Well, before we teach you the basics on how to throw an axe, here’s how your experience will go at one of The Adventure Parks..
Upon arrival, you’ll be escorted to the special axe-throwing lanes, which you can rent in 60-minute slots with a maximum of five participants per lane. An axe-throwing coach will then instruct you on all the vital safety procedures you must follow and introduce you to the sport— yes, it’s a sport (there’s even a World Axe Throwing League now). The coach will also be on hand with helpful axe-throwing tips if you’re struggling to get the hang of it.

Once you’ve picked it up, it’s time to have some real fun…

You can play a variety of games. A Park favorite is Humans vs. Zombies, where the “humans” try to reach +15 points and the zombies try to reach -15 points.

Please note all participants must be age 12 or older, and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

How to Throw an Axe

Now you know how the Adventure Park experience works, it’s time that we teach you how to throw an axe. Don’t worry about remembering it all now, as our friendly and helpful instructors will go through it all again before you start when you get to a Park.

The Stance

Your stance should be solid and forward-facing. Keep your feet planted safely on the ground at all times. Your footing should always be stable and balanced.

The correct axe-throwing distance is around 12 feet, but you can move a foot closer or further away, depending on whether you’re hitting the target or not.

The Grip

For beginners, it’s best to use two hands to throw an axe. Start by gripping the axe firmly—but not too tight—like you would to grip a golf club or tennis racket.

The Throw

Bring the axe directly back over your head and throw it forward using a strong and swift motion. Release the axe once it’s reached eye level. Just remember to relax your arms and shoulders a little more if your throw feels too tense.

Axe-Throwing Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at our best axe-throwing tips and tricks for mastering your axe-throwing technique like a pro.

The Sharper the Axe, the Better

The axe needs to be sharp to stick into the wood. If you notice that the axe is blunt and not cutting the target, simply let one of our instructors know, and they can find you a sharper replacement.

Don’t Grip Too Hard

The firmer you grip the axe, the harder it is to let go with the axe straight and in-line with the target. For an easier and cleaner release, a beginner’s grip style should be placed towards the end of the axe base.

Mark Where You Should Stand

How close you stand depends on the height you’re throwing at. Once you’ve established a good distance, make a marker on the floor to get a consistent throw throughout.

Keep Your Eye on the Target

Pick a small point of the intended target and don’t look away from this point—even during your backswing. Keep an eye on it as you move directly towards it in your forward-throwing motion.

Don’t Throw Too Hard

Harder throws may have more power, but more power usually equals less accuracy. For great throwing precision, start with a gentler and more controlled swing. You can always increase the power as you become more experienced.

Take a Deep Breath

We know firsthand how nerve-racking your very first axe-throwing experience can be. So when it’s your turn to take the stand, remember to breathe. You’ll be surprised how useful mindful breathing is for landing an accurate throw.

Take Your Time

One of the best axe-throwing tips you must remember is to be patient. It can take months, years actually, to finesse your technique—even if you have a naturally gifted throwing arm.

So lower your expectations before your first round. That way, you’ll impress yourself once you start to hit the target after the warm-up. Chances are you won’t the first time!

Use One Arm (Once You’ve Mastered Two Arms)

We always recommend that beginners start with a two-arm throw, but if you’ve mastered that, you can advance to a trickier one-arm throw.
To do this, your stance should be lining up your throwing shoulder with the bullseye.

Book Your Axe-Throwing Experience Today

Our nationwide Adventure Parks are the perfect place to learn how to throw an axe. Whether you’re a novice beginner or someone who’s been axe throwing for years, you’re more than welcome to visit our lanes.

Want to share the experience with your friends and family? You can also book axe-throwing for private parties of up to 25 people.

And if you want to check out what the rest of the Parks have to offer, you can also choose to do axe-throwing as an add-on to our park’s ziplining and ropes courses. If not, you can do it as a standalone activity.

Ready to try out our axe-throwing tips? Book your adventure today at the following Parks:

The Adventure Park, Nashville, TN

The Adventure Park Bridgeport, CT

The Adventure Park Storrs, CT

We can’t wait to welcome you and watch you hit the bullseye! See you soon…

Ready to try our courses out for yourself? Visit any of our Park locations and book your adventure today! 

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