The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Our Ropes Course Challenges

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So, you’re ready to master our high ropes courses? That’s what we like to hear! We can’t wait to watch you soar across the challenges. 

Our Parks are where adventure meets adrenaline — and we’ve written the ultimate guide packed full of the best tips and tricks to help you master our ropes course challenges, like one of our pros. 

Spoiler: we’ve got courses for all sorts of abilities. And all it takes is a dash of courage and adventurous spirit. So gather up your fellow climbers and let’s swing into action!

What are our outdoor rope courses made up of?

There’s nothing like a day here at The Adventure Park. Our Parks offer thrilling and fulfilling adventures suitable for people of all ages and climbing levels. 

Amongst our lush forest canopies, you’ll get to choose from an array of aerial trails where you’ll journey from one tree platform to another — tackling all sorts of bridges, ropes, ziplines, and other exhilarating treetop elements. 

Here’s what else you can expect from our outdoor rope courses.

What rope obstacle course levels do we have?

The great thing about The Adventure Park? You’ve got the freedom to create your own treetop experience with our variety of courses color-coded, according to difficulty. 

Each one is designed for self-guided exploration and starts at the Main Platform (AKA the Main Plat). Think of them like coded ski trails, all offering a unique set of challenges which you can progress along once you’re feeling confident enough. Simply choose the one that most suits your ability and tackle them all, one by one!

Find out more about the color-coded courses (ranging from Purple to Double-Black).

How do our high ropes courses work?

Safety first, folks! That’s the way it’ll always be for us. Climbers are equipped with harnesses that attach to our ‘always-locked’ belay system which is double-secured to the course cables. 

Known as LockD Clips, our high ropes course safety system is actually the most advanced in the world. So climb at ease knowing you’re in good hands. 

Learn more in-depth about how it all works here. It’s a super clever piece of equipment (if we do say so ourselves).

8 tips for mastering our ropes course challenges

#1 Get clued-up before arriving 

Start by familiarizing yourself with our safety rules and instructions before your visit. We’ve got a few safety briefing videos based on which park you’re visiting — so check them out now and watch before you arrive. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to watch the safety video when you’re actually at the park too. You can then apply for a Briefing Bypass membership which is completely free and valid for a season (it must be renewed annually).

#2 Listen to our Park Monitors

Pay close attention to your safety briefing. Our Park Monitors know their stuff!

And if you ever need a hand or require immediate assistance, our friendly park monitors will be right there to help. Just holler “STAFF,” and they’ll guide you through the next steps from down below and offer some words of encouragement.

#3 Dress the part

Since you’ll be sporting a harness over your outfit, we recommend wearing comfy and fitting clothes to make the most of your adventure. 

Come wearing: 

  • a free-moving t-shirt
  • loose bottoms (long enough so the harness won’t rub)
  • closed-toe shoes (a must!)
  • a sweatshirt or jacket if it’s chilly.

Accessories like sunglasses and hats are permitted but make sure they’re well secured!
Check out our full guide on what to wear. 

#4 Gloves on

One of our top tips for mastering our rope obstacle courses? Wear protective gloves! Time and time again guests tell us how much easier it was to tackle the challenges with a sturdy pair of gloves. 

Not only can you grip ropes and wires better, but gloves also protect you from any cuts or irritations. If you forget to bring some along, you can purchase a pair at our on-site Park Stores.

#5 Take your time

The most effective way to master the ropes course and adhere to safety guidelines is to adopt a leisurely approach. Just take it slow on our courses. Seriously, no rush! Go at your own speed and tackle each step, one by one.

#6 Embrace the adventure

Our outdoor rope courses are physically demanding. Your muscles will be worked and stretched depending on what obstacles you’re tackling (our rope swings are particularly great for big biceps). If you wake up the next day with a noticeable ache in your arms and legs, it’s a clear sign that you put in some serious work!

So gear up for some hands-on action. It’ll help if you start your day with a big hearty breakfast and you’ll need to stay hydrated too  — especially if it’s a hot day. Come fueled up and raring to go! 

#7 Help out others

You don’t have to go solo on your adventure. There’s strength in numbers! Wield the power of teamwork as you cheer each other on and offer a helping hand to whoever might need a confidence boost on a particular challenge. Pals who climb together, stay together…

#8 Have a blast

The last tip for mastering our rope courses? Embrace the butterflies and have fun! 

With every obstacle you conquer, fear will begin to fade into the background and you’ll soon be taking on every challenge in your stride. The adrenaline rush is a natural high that’ll leave you wanting more.

Visit Our Adventure Park!

We’re firm believers that a rope obstacle course isn’t just about mastering the ropes, it’s about mastering your mind. When you’re standing on the edge of a platform, take that leap of faith and you’ll feel like a superhero ready to breeze through anything that life throws at you. 

Panning an adventure with 10 or more guests? 

We’ve got your back, and your wallet too with our group ticket rates. If you’re thinking of turning your adventure day into a regular tradition, check out our Adventure Anytime’ Season Passes. With our memberships, you get a full year of unlimited climbing — that’s 365 days of fun!

No matter who’s coming or when you plan on visiting, we’ve got the perfect deal waiting for you on our tickets page. 

We’re stoked to have you join us!

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